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Florida Dem Wants Anger Management Course Requirement For Ammunition Purchases

Yeah, but remember, none of what Dems are proposing across the country are attempts to strip law abiding citizens of their 2nd Amendment Rights (The Blaze) If a Florida Democrat has her way, anyone who tries to buy ammunition will have to first complete an anger management program. Critics are slamming the bill as a […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible drought world because of Keystone XL, you might just be a Warmsit The blog of the day is The Other McCain, with a post about lying by euphemism.

Warmists Really Worried About Coming Climate Catastrophe As CO2 Jumps

Soros funded climate monkey Jeff Spross sprays his insanity over at Climate Progress The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere underwent one of its biggest single-year jumps ever in 2012, according to researchers at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Between the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2013, carbon dioxide levels increased by […]

Nanny Bloomberg’s Big Sugary Drinks To Cause Problems With Coffee Shops

Who would have thought that Bloomberg’s rule would turn baristas into government enforcement workers? (NY Times) Come Tuesday, when Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s ban on the sale of large sugary drinks goes into effect after months of public debate over the measure, its impact on beverages like soda will be clear: no more jumbo colas. […]

Republican Senators Set Themselves Up As Fools After Dinner With Obama

These Republicans remind me of women (or men) who’ve been burned as their significant other beats them, then buys into the apology and post beating lovey dovey attitude, tells the cops and hospital they fell, and it happens again And again. And again (The Hill) Senate Republicans are more optimistic about the prospect of a […]

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