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Surprise! Warmists Blaming Volcanoes For Masking Globull Warming

Can volcanoes reduce global warming? Sure. But the point of this research is simply to provide cover for those who are pushing anthropogenic global warming in an age where atmospheric concentrations of CO2 continues to rise but the global temperature stagnates (Business Line) Sulphur dioxide emissions from moderate volcanoes around the world can mask some […]

If All You See…

…is snow created by a boiling planet, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Director Blue, with a post on the Obama admin’s uncivil language.

Program That Tracks “Green” Jobs To Get Sequester Axe

In other news, there’s a program that tracks green jobs. The employees must be either very bored because they can’t find any or work very, very hard attempting to find a green job that lasts longer than a few days (Daily Caller) A controversial Bureau of Labor Statistics program that tracks U.S. green jobs will […]

Gun Deaths And Violent Crime Down Since 1992

A random act of journalism from the Washington Post Back in the crack-infused 1980s, young men with guns and drugs ruled the single block of Hanover Place NW. People who lived in the two-story rowhouses one mile north of the Capitol fell asleep year round to the sounds of the Fourth of July, a pop-pop-pop […]

Rich Paying Their Fair Share And More

Sheesh, more facts get in the way of Obama’s dependence on raising taxes on “the rich” (has he sent a check to the IRS yet?) (The Blaze) How will households at different income levels pay federal income, payroll, corporate and estate taxes for 2013? Despite claims that those at the top aren’t paying their “fair […]

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