Program That Tracks “Green” Jobs To Get Sequester Axe

In other news, there’s a program that tracks green jobs. The employees must be either very bored because they can’t find any or work very, very hard attempting to find a green job that lasts longer than a few days

(Daily Caller) A controversial Bureau of Labor Statistics program that tracks U.S. green jobs will get the axe, according to Bloomberg News, because of the automatic budget cuts, called the sequester, which are set to take effect today if lawmakers can’t reach an alternative agreement.

Bloomberg reports that a Feb. 26 email sent to Labor Department employees said a clean-energy survey would be one of three data reports cut due to sequestration, according to Bloomberg’s anonymous source.

Obama and the Dems wasted more money on “green” jobs with the Stimulus than the cost of the Sequester.

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3 Responses to “Program That Tracks “Green” Jobs To Get Sequester Axe”

  1. gitarcarver says:

    Also, in the free marketplace, the New York Times discontinued their “Green Blog” which was designed to keep people informed of “green developments” and to “encourage conversation on green issues.”

    The reason fir the discontinuation?

    Lack of readership.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    “fir” = “for”

  3. Yup. A lot of folks who read it were typically unhappy with Andrew Revkin.

    Funny thing is, you look at the climate sections of other papers such as the UK Guardian and UK Telegraph and their coverage has become sparse. Except for James Delingpole, who’s a Realist.

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