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Prosecutor Seeks Death Penalty For Punxsutawney Phil

You can probably guess why (Washington Post) As severe cold grips the eastern U.S. on March 21, Punxsutawney Phil’s forecast for an early spring is best described as an epic failure.  The prosecuting attorney of Butler County, Ohio, Michael Gmoser, wants the groundhog to pay for his flawed prediction, with his life. Gmoser filed an […]

If All You See…

…is a coffee pot which will soon be empty because someone (else) drove an SUV, you might just be a Climate Astrologer The blog of the day is Cold Fury, with a post on Democrats going after Texas.

Bummer: Spring More Like Winter

Of course, we know that some climate astrologist will blame this on climate change, but for the moment (Detroit News) “First day of spring?” said a WWJ-Detroit Radio forecasterWednesday morning in frigid, below-normal, 21-degree, Midwest temperatures with little relief in sight. “Feels more like the first day of January.” What a difference a year makes. Last […]

As Obamacare Turns Three Americans Still Not Lovin’ It

Gee, what’s not to love about legislation that remakes 1/6th of the US economy, insinuating the Government into all our health decisions, raising costs, creating yet another unfunded liability where a board of unelected bureaucrats will be able to make decisions that affect our quality of health care (IPBA), where companies will drop their generous […]

Obama To Israeli’s: Put Yourself In Palestinian Shoes

So, this celebrity who got the part of POTUS decided to head over to Israel, and instead of talking to the Knesset, the elected official body of Israel, he took his neverending campaign to a school to talk to young folks. It was, as Allahpundit put it, “as florid a valentine to Israel and Zionism […]

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