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Dems Worried That Scare-Monger In Chief May Have Overdone It

Can we start calling him “Peter Obama?” (Politico) Over the past few days, Obama and his team have pulled back from a kick-off strategy that portrayed the $84 billion in automatic cuts this year as a parade of instant horrors — hellish waits at airports, a quick cascade of private job losses resulting from voided […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible smartphone sucking down lots of energy causing the seas to boil, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Gay Patriot, with a post on smart phones and rude people

Hotcoldwetdry Is Apparently Now “Intergenerational Evil”

And “the fundamental moral issue of our time” Climate Change: Generational Evil (VIDEO) The following video is a compact and emotionally moving overview of the problem and solutions to climate change. It is designed to be a quick and compelling way to get up to speed on the issue and help others do the same. […]

Dem: No Need For Guns, Just Tell Men Not To Rape

If only there were laws against things like sexual assault, violence, and rape. Why has no one thought to pass laws? (The Blaze) Appearing on Fox News Tuesday night, Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell argued that preventing rape should start by simply “telling men not to rape women.” She was arguing against women using guns as […]

Amendment To Continuing Resolution Would Bar Obama Golf Outings On Public Dime

At least until PINO Obama resumes White House tours (Daily Caller) Republican Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert introduced an amendment to the Continuing Resolution that would not provide the White House with any taxpayer funds to transport President Barack Obama to and from any golf course until they resume White House public tours. In a House […]

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