Dem: No Need For Guns, Just Tell Men Not To Rape

If only there were laws against things like sexual assault, violence, and rape. Why has no one thought to pass laws?

(The Blaze) Appearing on Fox News Tuesday night, Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell argued that preventing rape should start by simply “telling men not to rape women.” She was arguing against women using guns as a means of self-defense when she made the questionable remarks.

Host Sean Hannity began by slamming the “ignorant politicians” in Colorado for trying to remove a woman’s right to use a firearm to defend herself against an attacker via gun control legislation.

“I don’t think that we should be telling women anything,” Maxwell said. “I think we should be telling men not to rape women and start the conversation there.”

OK, let’s start the conversation there:

  • “Hey, men, don’t rape women”
  • Rapist: “go f*** yourself, I’ll do what I want”
  • Woman with gun about to be raped: “Stop! No? Blam. Blam blam blam. Try raping someone without a penis”

That went well!

“Criminals are not going to listen to that,” Hannity interjected.

Wait, it is against the law? But people still rape?

Instead, Maxwell, who is a rape survivor herself, said she wants women to “not be in this situation.” She added that if you “train” men not to be rapists, we can prevent rape.

Perhaps she could explain exactly how men could be trained? Because it is against the law, and men know they shouldn’t do it. Humans have been telling themselves for centuries that rape is bad. Except for the criminals, who do not care. Perhaps we could change the punishment for rape (and other crimes) to include corporal punishment, instead of a somewhat cushy life in jail. Bring back things like the stocks, hard labor, and lashings. Remember that kid, Michael P. Fay, who received 4 lashes from a cane for vandalism in Singapore? I bet he never did that again. And Singapore, with corporal punishment, has one of the lowest crime rates in the world.

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3 Responses to “Dem: No Need For Guns, Just Tell Men Not To Rape”

  1. Gumball_Brains says:

    She added that if you “train” men not to be rapists, we can prevent rape.


  2. creeper says:

    Maxwell, who is a rape survivor herself

    If this woman is a rape survivor I’m the Queen of Sheba. Any woman who has ever been raped knows damn well a rapist is not rational and there is nothing you can do to stop them short of great bodily harm.

    I shudder to think I was ever a registered Democrat.

  3. gumball_brains says:

    Welcome aboard creeper. And unfortunately, there are party ideologs in the R party as well. People who live to be elected and run with the parties in DC no matter the cost to those who elected them.

    For me, I find it sad, that while my views have not changed all that much, I find my position within the political spectrum continuing to be forced farther and farther right, as both parties seem to be engulfing themselves in Socialism and Tyranny.

    It makes it hard to defeat the Tyrannical Left when your own party is Socialistic. Does anyone think, that prior to Rand Paul, that many would question the motives of a “we might want to fire on Americans” policy by our government?

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