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Awesome! Mother Jones Offers Cheat Sheet To Win Climate Arguments For Warmists

It’s very amusing “I don’t see what all those environmentalists are worried about,” sneers your Great Uncle Joe. “Carbon dioxide is harmless, and great for plants!” Okay. Take a deep breath. If you’re not careful, comments like this can result in dinner-table screaming matches. Luckily, we have a secret weapon: A flowchart that will help […]

If All You See…

…is world where all the plant life is gone, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is 1389 Blog, with a post on gun registration. Oh, and congrats on 1 million hits!

House To Hold Globull Warming Hearings Wednesday, Gore Effect To Hit D.C. Hard

Via Climate Depot (which has the long history of the Gore Effect), we learn that the House Subcommittee on Environment will hold a hearing on Wed. with Warmists Dr. Judith Curry (fossil fueled trip from Georgia), Dr. William Chameides (fossil fueled trip from Durham, NC), and Dr. Bjørn Lomborg (wait, he’s from Copenhagen? Did he […]

Washington Post: Hey, You Warmists Are Idiots And Fighting The Wrong Battle

Well, the editorial board doesn’t specifically call the climate astrologers idiots, but, it’s implies it Environmentalists are fighting the wrong battles Really, they’ve been fighting the wrong battles for over 20 years. Instead of dealing with real environmental issues and wisely pushing for cost effective alternative energy, they’ve been hysterical and wrapping every real issue […]

Colorado Dem To Rape Survivor: Being Raped Is Less Dangerous Than Carrying A Gun

The real war on women (The Blaze) Rape survivor Amanda Collins bravely spoke about her horrific attack during a Monday legislative hearing concerning Colorado’s proposed ban on concealed firearms on college campuses. She explained how she wished she would’ve had a firearm to defend herself from her rapist, which could have possibly prevented the attack […]

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