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Wackadoodle Uncle Ron Says Bush Admin. Was Gleeful For 9/11

The man is a raving wackjob, and will never, ever get the GOP nomination (CBS News) Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq. “Just think of what happened after 9/11. Immediately before there […]

Aww: Salem Students Give Planet A Big Climahysteric Present

It’s so cute, they are totally changing their lives to match their rhetoric (via Tom Nelson) (Boston.com) From holiday parties to shopping, the holidays tend to be a season of consumption for most Americans.  One Salem State University class, however, has pledged to give the planet a Christmas present by cutting their carbon dioxide emissions […]

If All You See…

…is a Holiday Tree, and you can’t figure out if it is good or bad for Climate Change, you might just be a Warmist

Majority Think Economic Nitwit Should Not Be Re-elected

Hey, even Obama said he shouldn’t be re-elected if the economy wasn’t fixed (CBS News) Less than one year out from Election Day 2012, voters remain overwhelmingly pessimistic about the economy, and their concerns are taking a toll on President Obama’s re-election chances. Just 41 percent of Americans think Mr. Obama has performed his job […]

Just In Time For Christmas, We Again Get The Debate On Which Tree Is More Globull Warming Compliant

Warmists who kill lots of trees to publish a newspaper just can’t help themselves (Washington Post) Each side offers what it considers compelling evidence. Real fir — along with pine and spruce — has benefits beyond a fresh smell that says Christmas, supporters say. The trees’ purchase encourages farmers to keep planting acres that absorb […]

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