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DWS Starts The Day With Tequila, Says Unemployment Didn’t Go Up Under Obama

In politics, we always talk about spin. People are going to spin things so that they are a positive for their political beliefs/party and/or spin so it is a negative for the other guys beliefs/party. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s spin reminds me more of the Tasmanian Devil on Loony Tunes. From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air comes […]

If All You See…

…is what must be fake snow because global warming has made snow impossible, you might just be a Warmist

Liberal Thugs Stop Oakland Port Trucks This Morning

Earlier, Michelle Malkin wrote about the coming attempts to shut down the West coast ports. We know there is growing opposition to blocking the ports. American Power has more. And now the nuts are actually doing it (SF Gate) A group of protesters have succeeded in stopping a line of big-rigs from entering the Port […]

Know Why You Don’t Believe In The Climate Change Hoax?

Because you can’t see polar bears starving to death right in front of your face. It’s the whole frog in a boiling pot thing, according to the alarmists at Grist The frog and the polar bear: The real reasons Americans aren’t buying climate change In the fall of 2008, Leiserowitz conducted a poll gauging Americans’ […]

Man Who Accepted Nomination In Front Of Greek Temple Says He Didn’t “Overpromise”

Alternate title: “man who said his ascendency stopped the rise of the seas and healed the earth says he didn’t overpromise” (The Politico) Barack Obama offered a spirited defense of his presidency in an interview that aired Sunday on “60 Minutes,” framing the 2012 election as a “contrast in visions.” Stressing that the views that […]

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