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Warmist Carter Eskew: Hacked Emails Don’t Refute The “Science”

Writing in the Washington Post, Carter Eskew tells us what we all know: climate change (hoax) is a political issue, and Similarly on climate, the [Republican]candidates are split in two camps: those who deny the problem and those who admit it is happening but at the same time embrace energy policies like tar sands that […]

If All You See…

…is unstoppable sea rise flooding the world, you might just be a Warmist

The Debt Generation

Via The Blaze comes this video from the Tennessee College Republicans Committee

As Living In Their Own Filth Fades, Occupy Turns To Specifics

Now that so many liberal mayors in liberal cities have kicked the liberals out of the parks, at least in terms of sleeping overnight in tents, Occupy is supposedly getting specific, according to ABC News For more than two months, they were open-air communes where people came to rebuild society and start a nationwide discussion […]

Whiny President Has Temerity To Say Republicans Are Out Of Touch

Is anyone truly shocked that a man who never held a job where he had to lead people is incapable of understanding the old axiom that one catches more flies with coffee (it’s morning, and I don’t like honey) than vinegar? Captain Campaigner held another taxpayer funded campaign stop, and On payroll tax cut, Obama […]

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