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OMG, We’re All Going To Burn!

Steven Goddard at Real Science finds something interesting HadCrut lists February, 1878 at 0.269 and February, 2011 at 0.273. If February continues to warm four thousandths of a degree every century and a half, we could see a total meltdown by the year 20,000. We should spend trillions of dollars of Warmist money to stop […]

Warmists: “Did We Say Polar Bears? We Meant Tigers And Gorillas”

So, people who took unnecessary fossil fueled flights to the ends of the earth for a climate vacation conference are telling us that taking unnecessary fossil fueled flight because they will Kill All Tigers And Gorillas (also mention in the article and report are “elephants in Mali, lions in the Serengeti and crocodiles in Malawi.”) […]

If All You See…

…is crass consumerism creating GHGs, you might just be a Warmist

ObamaCare Bomb To End Private Insurers Exploded The Other Day

An interesting article over at Forbes from December 2nd, which highlights one of the interesting parts of Obamacare, one that was debated back during the time Obamacare was being pushed over economic policy, but has since been forgotten as people focus on the individual mandate. The article writer, Rick Unger, starts out by telling us […]

Wall Street Occupies Obama White House

If there is one article that the unshowered and squatting in their own filth Occupiers and their supposed supporters should read, it is this one from The Politico Wall Street is disdained in the court of public opinion — detested by the tea party on the right and the Occupy movement on the left. The […]

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