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Bummer: Globull Warming Now Threatens France’s Truffles

It’s truly terrible (AFP) Truffle farmers have never had to worry about demand. It is the supply side that is worrying, with global warming an ever more present threats to their success. “You don’t market the truffle, you manage its scarcity,” said Jean-Charles Savignac, president of the French Truffle Growers Federation (FFT). Horrible. How can […]

If All You See…

…is snow that has to be manufactured because it no longer exists, you might just be a Warmist

Nikki Haley Endorses Romney

As Joe Biden would say, this is a big f*cking deal! (Fox News) South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley endorsed Mitt Romney for president Friday, saying he has the executive experience in the private and public sectors that proves he can deal “with a broken Washington.” The first-term governor offered “all of my support” to the […]

What If Ron Paul Wins The GOP Nomination?

Yesterday, Ed Morrissey asked the question “Can Ron Paul Win?” The article include quite a bit of information about Ron Paul, none of it good. Ed brought up the racist articles published in Ron Paul’s newsletter (also check Flopping Aces for the old original info). Paul supporters will say “that’s old news”, and “he didn’t […]

Spending Bill Includes Block On Light Bulb Standards

Small victories are victories, if this makes it through all the votes and Obama (who keeps the White House at 78) doesn’t veto it (The Politico) The shutdown-averting budget bill will block federal light bulb efficiency standards, giving a win to House Republicans fighting the so-called ban on incandescent light bulbs. GOP and Democratic sources […]

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