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Warmist Who Flies 8,000+ Miles To COP17 Says She Speaks For USA

I had two other posts, one on Jim Huntsman and one on filibusters, teed up, but this one made me LOL with a DERP face on (NY Times) “I am speaking on behalf of the United States of America because my negotiators cannot,” said Ms. Borah, who is attending the conference as a representative of […]

Awesome! James Hansen Says CO2 To Melt All Ice

Of course, Hansen is not an actual climate scientist, so, according to Warmist doctrine we aren’t supposed to listen to him (Scientific American) If the number reaches 560 ppm, a doubling of preindustrial values, sea level globally could rise 25 meters, according to Eelco Rohling, professor of ocean and climate change at University of Southampton […]

If All You See…

…is the Arctic melting, you might just be a Warmist

Bummer: Polar Bear Kills And Eats One Cub, Proves Of Globull Warming

Perhaps if more Warmists spent time where the polar bears live, this wouldn’t have to happen (BBC News) It is an image that is sure to shock many people. An adult polar bear is seen dragging the body of a cub that it has just killed across the Arctic sea ice. Polar bears normally hunt […]

ATF Emails Discussed Using Fast And Furious For More Gun Control

Ever since Operation Fast and Furious came to light, people have been musing that it was simply about creating a situation where the Obama Administration could create more stringent gun control laws. Yesterday, we received a bit of confirmation from one of the only mainstream media reporters bothering to cover this Obama scandal (via Hot […]

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