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Politico: Six Comments RONPAUL2012!!!!!!!1!!!! Needs To Answer

Personally, I’m rather surprised that the 90% Democrat voting media is even paying attention to the issues that surround Ron Paul. I figured they would want him as the GOP nominee, the better to wipe the GOP off the map. The Politico has 6 comments Ronulan needs to answer, and they aren’t even about his […]

If All You See…

…is rampant consumerism leading to high CO2 levels, you might just be a Warmist

Warmists Trot Out Old Santa Painting To Prop Up Globull Warming

Here’s from Warmist David Doniger at the National Resource Defense Council Smithsonian Magazine has posted some unusual portraits of jolly Saint Nick and asked readers to vote for the Scariest Santa.  Here’s my choice: It’s a 1939 Christmas card from a Hungarian-born American artist named Ralph Fabri.  Surely penned against the turmoil of World War II, […]

Joe Biden: “Barack And I Believe In The Entrepreneurial Spirit Of Big Government”

Sheriff Joe has an editorial out today at the Des Moines Register, attempting to influence the Iowa electorate, and doesn’t seem to understand the irony in calling for an entrepreneurial spirit and the interference and sponsorship of Big Government (*) Headline: Vice President: This is what a real opportunity society looks like An 8.6% unemployment […]

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