Warmist Carter Eskew: Hacked Emails Don’t Refute The “Science”

Writing in the Washington Post, Carter Eskew tells us what we all know: climate change (hoax) is a political issue, and

Similarly on climate, the [Republican]candidates are split in two camps: those who deny the problem and those who admit it is happening but at the same time embrace energy policies like tar sands that will make it worse. (FYI: Ed, hacked emails taken out of context do not refute the overwhelming scientific evidence of an accelerating climate crisis.) As my friend and client Al Gore has said, isn’t time for a little reality? “We are borrowing money from China to buy oil from countries that hate us and burning it in ways that destroy our planet”, Gore has said.

Heck, the emails themselves refute the “overwhelming scientific evidence”, unless one is taking the position that greenhouse gases cause cooling

Email 3

The bottom line is that if you show the annual map in the Synthesis paper, there are quite a few areas that have not warmed. Incidentally, the significant trends are indicated as areas enclosed in black lines, and southern Greenland and the oceans to the east of it have clearly cooled (though most boxes are NOT significant. Other cooling areas are extreme south east USA ;west central South America; east central Africa and south east China. Probably 95 per cent of the area with data has warmed though. If you just plug in all areas with at least 25 years coverage , very large areas of the map cool. [Briffa, 2000]

M. Hulme emails:

1554.txt Wed, 5 Mar 1997
Ed Cook to Keith Briffa

Not only nepotism – getting ‘jobs for the boys’ – but an indication that the climate community knew full well about ‘the decline’ in 1997. Doesn’t this add weight to the allegation that Mann knowingly hid the decline in MBH1998?

Email 538

It seems to have cooled by roughly what they say, but this is only one location. Most places in Greenland do show some cooling. Most places in the Arctic show little warming in summer as temperatures are constrained to be near zero, when there is snow and ice around, Cheers Phil

Those are just a few of the “out of context” emails (thanks Tom Nelson) found in the stash. There are plenty of others that are smoking guns, that the climate scientists colluded with government officials to hide research that didn’t support their end of times prognostications, and that it’s more about political activism than science. The emails “validate everything skeptics have been saying.”

People who were really interested in science would take the new evidence and apply it to their knowledge base, forming new conclusions. Alas, the True Believers are part of a cult.

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One Response to “Warmist Carter Eskew: Hacked Emails Don’t Refute The “Science””

  1. Word says:

    “We are borrowing money from China to buy oil from countries that hate us and burning it in ways that destroy our planet”, Gore has said.





    However I must then ask…..what are we to do? How are we to power 300 million people….give them energy to get to jobs 40 miles away….or 80? How are we to move Trillions of tons of freight to markets?

    How many cars can we build with 300 foot windmills on the hood?

    How many houses will solar panels power?

    You guys are fuking retards……literally.

    While we might be burning fossil fuels to power our nations economy there is NOTHING……..


    you guys can offer in return to replace it that is green and renewable.


    No amount of wind, solar, nuclear is going to replace more then a few 100k bbls of oil per day….not the 22 million per day we need.

    OIL….is not replaced by WIND….SOLAR….TIDAL….Thermal….

    So you retarded fuktards need to come up with a plan that works……

    Works……then perhaps Ill join your cause….cause I dont like oil either but until you dumbass morons can think of a way to actually REPLACE OIL with green energy……

    until then….

    your just suking each others tiny pekkers and singing kum bye ahh in the dark.

    Dipshit, retarded morons…..


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