Liberal Thugs Stop Oakland Port Trucks This Morning

Earlier, Michelle Malkin wrote about the coming attempts to shut down the West coast ports. We know there is growing opposition to blocking the ports. American Power has more. And now the nuts are actually doing it

(SF Gate) A group of protesters have succeeded in stopping a line of big-rigs from entering the Port of Oakland this morning during their march to shutdown the busy cargo terminal.

Organizers have pledged to march to the port and shutdown the terminal, one of the busiest on the West Coast. Some unions, including the one representing Oakland teachers, are supporting the day-long strike while others, like the longshoremen’s union, say shutting down the port will harm hard-working stevedores and truck drivers.

This is actually breaking news, as the story was published at 7:27am PST.

Oakland police Sgt. Arturo Bautista was trying to negotiate with protesters to move back.

How about, instead, pushing the unhinged, deranged, and law violators off the streets? This is not free speech, this is an unlawful blockade, harming the people who are just trying to do their jobs.

“It’s necessary. It is a way to strike back, to show our numbers and show what the people can do,” said William Lovell, 44, with the Occupy SF camp. “We are politely breaking the rules as gently as we can.”

No matter how gently they are breaking the rules, they are breaking the law. It’s high time for the elected officials and law enforcement to stop coddling these idiots, who just want people to be forced to give them stuff and money they didn’t earn, and start treating them as the criminals they are.

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5 Responses to “Liberal Thugs Stop Oakland Port Trucks This Morning”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    I thought Teamsters and Dockworkers were supposed to be tough. I was looking forward to some good old fashioned Hardhat on Headband violence.

  2. Well, since it is at the ports, it might degenerate into fish slapping.

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    All entertainment value aside I read late last week the the two dock workers unions had officially decided not to support the strike and because it was a third party strike would not honor their picket lines. The Port of Portland is closed, by it’s governing authority. That has been reported by FNC, and apparently some protesters have been arrested.

  4. Justin says:

    We get loaded up with third world immigrant job competition, our representatives all take bribes as lobbyists for China after office giving away trade deals that shut our economy down, we work at call centers for $8 an hour that once paid the equivalent of $20 an hour while being told we can’t sit down or relieve ourselves until the first sale of the day. We are all serfs to multinationals unless we are the clever few with a great business plan and they pay our congressman to make it so. Then a ragtag group of hippies finally take it upon themselves to at least try something. And instead of dialoging without provoking in order to align issues between the Tea Party and Occupy, the Right freaks out on election assasination mode rather than seeing opportunity. I am a trucker myself. But apparently until we are driving Chinese businessman in a rickshaw for a Dollar a day, we are just lazy slugs if we don’t like our McJobs. Truckers made what we make now during the 70’s. What do you want to do instead about political corruption on both sides such as lobbyist job offers causing the declining standard of living?

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