Wackadoodle Uncle Ron Says Bush Admin. Was Gleeful For 9/11

The man is a raving wackjob, and will never, ever get the GOP nomination

(CBS News) Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul said Thursday evening that Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq.

“Just think of what happened after 9/11. Immediately before there was any assessment there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq,” the Texas Republican told a group of mostly young backers in Iowa. He went on to suggest officials are now setting the stage for an invasion of Iran.

If someone asked me to choose between Paul or Obama, I might actually choose Obama. In fact, i probably would. At least he’s not a raving Truther.

Sister Toldjah says Paul makes her sick.

Don Surber calls Paul despicable.

More reactions at Memeorandum.

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11 Responses to “Wackadoodle Uncle Ron Says Bush Admin. Was Gleeful For 9/11”

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  2. proof says:

    “Bush administration officials were gleeful after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks because it gave them a pretext to invade Iraq.” And yet, for all the “immediacy” of their glee, the US attacked Afghanistan in Oct. of 2001 and did not start the war in Iraq for another year and a half.

    The kindest thing you can say about Ron Paul is that he is extremely careless with the words he uses. But, everybody keeps telling me what a smart guy this is, so, he must mean what he says?

  3. Adobe Walls says:

    There’s a rocking chair waiting for him I’m sure.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    A friend of mine recently took Paul to task for another answer he gave on the Constitution.

    Ron Paul is in some ways the right’s Obama. He is clueless, but people who agree with him keep saying shouting how smart he is.

  5. david7134 says:

    I stand with Paul. He is the only candidate that is for the return of our freedom.

  6. Yep, Uncle Ron is fun at parties – but nothing good happens if you put him in charge of things.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  7. Black Flag says:

    This is why I will never support Paul. With all the low-hanging fruit Obama offers like an economy in shambles, foreign policy disasters, nightmare deficits, Solyndra, Fast and Furious, multiple wars, gas/food/clothing prices skyrocketing, Paul insists on returning to the asinine troofer stuff again and again. It shows that he ONLY speaks to his followers who also follow this 9-11 conspiracy nonsense. It’s a shame, because there are a lot of ideas I like about Paul but I have never believed that he was a serious candidate. The impression I get is that he doesn’t believe he is either, but loves to keep stirring the pot.

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  9. Robert says:

    Yeah, the September 11th Commission Report truly does explain everything, even despite the fact that it is now discredited by its own authors.

    Why should rational Americans ever question its government’s motives?

  10. Martin says:

    Just to put some facts behind that “out of context” quote of Ron Paul taken from http://www.infowars.com

    It was George W. Bush himself who, in the days after 9/11, gloated to his budget director, Mitch Daniels,
    “Lucky me–I hit the trifecta!” (Sept 15, 2001). While the nation reacted with shock and horror at the devastation and destruction, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld began issuing rapid orders to his aides to look for evidence of Iraqi involvement in the attacks, just hours after they took place. Notes taken by Stephen Cambone, then a senior policy official under Rumsfeld were released under FOIA request in 2006, showing that the Defense Secretary was intent on hitting Iraq in retaliation. “Hard to get good case. Need to move swiftly,” the notes state. “Near term target needs – go massive – sweep it all up, things related and not.”
    On the afternoon of 9/11, before any intelligence had been gathered, Rumsfeld was relaying orders to connect
    the attacks with Saddam Hussein as well as Osama Bin Laden. “Best info fast. Judge whether good enough [to] hit SH at same time – not only UBL [Pentagon shorthand for Usama/Osama bin Laden],” the notes say. “Tasks. Jim Haynes [Pentagon lawyer] to talk with PW [probably Paul Wolfowitz, then Mr Rumsfeld’s deputy] for additional support … connection with UBL.” Rumsfeld also wrote in his memoirs, Known and Unknown, released earlier this year, that he was asked by the president to draw up plans for the invasion of Iraq just two weeks after the attacks. Thousands of de-classified documents accompanying the memoirs also revealed that Rumsfeld and his Pentagon aides were planning for regime change in Iraq BEFORE 9/11. “If Saddam’s regime were ousted, we would have a much-improved position in the region and elsewhere,” Rumsfeld wrote in a memo to Condoleeza Rice dated July 27, 2001.

    A response would be nice.

  11. Infowars? The conspiracy amd Truther site? That’s what you are citing? Seriously? A Truther site to say how great Paul is and smear Bush? That’s pathetic.

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