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Push For Solyndra Loans Came From The Top

Another day, another revelation that the Solyndra issue is not the not big deal that many want to make it out to be. I guess the big question will be “was there anything illegal about the loan?” But, if the GOP has any brains, they will beat the Obama admin with this, as The Most […]

AGW Hasn’t Affected Earthquakes And Volcanoes, But, It Might!

Yet another scary story from the Warmist crowd that sounds more like a Madam Zelda prediction, via Mother Jones Can climate change cause or intensify earthquakes? Christopher Mims wrote about some of the science on this subject back in March, after the Japanese quake. This set the collective panties of climate skeptics a-bunching, chafed at […]

If All You See…

…is snow that our kids will never experience, you might just be a Warmist

Even The Washington Post Thinks Dumping Taxpayer Money Into Green Enterprises Is A Bad Idea

The actual take-away from the Washington Post editorial is that Obama should appear to be more upset, because it looks bad politically for him to be so blase’ about blowing half a billion dollars on a company that was bound to fail (Washington Post) ONCE THE OBAMA administration’s paragon of a clean-energy future, Solyndra has […]

When The Occupy Wall Street Violence Starts, Blame Obama And Pelosi

I think we can all agree that it is not a matter of if violence occurs from this movement that’s about….well, the same old left wing gripes…., but a matter of when violence occurs. The more this Leftist protest spreads across the country, putting dirty, unshowered, and unhinged liberals on the street with average folks […]

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