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Celebrated Narcissist Says He Made All The Right Choices

With high unemployment, low GDP, a stagnant economy, low consumer confidence, rising food and fuel prices, real wages going down, and even more people without health insurance, I’d hate to think if Obama had made what he considers to be bad choices. From the interview with Jake Tapper “I guarantee it’s going to be a […]

If All You See…

…is a Gaia friendly bike and an evil water bottle, you might be a Warmist

And Now We Have To Worry About Tea From India

Yesterday it was coffee. Now, climate change (hoax) threatens tea. There could be riots in England if they read about it Production of tea in Assam – one of the world’s largest tea producing regions – is on a slow decline, thanks to changing climate in the Brahmaputra river basin. This has been revealed by […]

Occupiers Are Shown To Have No Clue About Anything

New York Magazine decided to brave the unsanitary and squalid conditions of Zuccotti Park and ask questions of the Occupy Wall Street folks. 50 of these supposedly super smart and informed Occupiers …..how smart can one be to go days without bathing and changing clothes while living with people doing the same?…..were asked questions, and, […]

Why Is Steubenville, Ohio, A Model Of Economic Success?

I know the supporters of Obama’s failed and destructive policies would love to say “Obamanomics!” Alas, no (ABC News) Steubenville, Ohio, may not look like a city sitting on a multi-billion dollar industry. Unemployment here reached 15 percent in 2010, and a now-shuttered steel mill — which was once the lifeline of the Steubenville economy […]

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