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Angry Man Visits North Carolina, Brings Vinegar

Yes, Angry Man was out in Western North Carolina today, peddling the same old BS (WRAL) President Barack Obama combined campaign politics with economic campaign policy Monday as he launched a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia. Sorry, I fixed that. “I guess maybe they just didn’t understand the whole thing, so we’re […]

Occupy Raleigh Dies Off On Sunday

I guess they’re not quite as dedicated (News and Observer) Protesters spent a second day outside the state Capitol building Sunday to show their frustration with government, which they said is too much under the influence of wealthy corporations. Except, they aim their barbs not at government, but, at the private sector. The Occupy folks […]

If All You See…

…is an awesome, Gaia friendly bike, you might just be a Warmist

If The Science Is So Settled, Why Intentionally Hide The Discussion?

Some very interesting, and disturbing, information from the Competitive Enterprise Institution’s Christopher Horner, via Watts Up With That? Although this is seedy and unlawful at any time, it also goes in the ‘bad timing’ file. Or it’s good timing, depending on one’s perspective. Just as a brand new book further exposes the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel […]

Obama Hijacks MLK, Jr. Celebration To Support Occupy Movement

Shameless, simply shameless. After listening to many wonderful speakers (and some who decided to interject their own political messages) discuss Martin Luther King, Jr., (NM)President Obama couldn’t resist interjecting his own far left politics and pandering (Washington Times) Drawing parallels between civil rights legend Martin Luther King Jr. and his own leadership challenges, President Obama […]

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