Angry Man Visits North Carolina, Brings Vinegar

Yes, Angry Man was out in Western North Carolina today, peddling the same old BS

(WRAL) President Barack Obama combined campaign politics with economic campaign policy Monday as he launched a three-day bus tour through North Carolina and Virginia.

Sorry, I fixed that.

“I guess maybe they just didn’t understand the whole thing, so we’re breaking it up into pieces,” the president told a couple thousand cheering supporters at Asheville Regional Airport. “If they vote against taking steps that we know will put Americans back to work right now – right now – then they’re not going to have to answer to me, they’re going to have to answer to you.”

He’s showing the true marks of a leader by insulting the people he needs to help pass his campaign platform….what? Leaders entreat people, they don’t denigrate them when they need something from them? Goodness!

“All across the state, you’ve got highways that need to be built. You’ve got bridges that need to be fixed. You’ve got schools that need to be modernized,” he said. “That’s what Americans used to do best. We used to build things.”

Apparently, we’re all construction workers here to service roads and airports so that the 1% like Obama can travel in cushy $1.1 million dollar luxury buses.

The rest was pretty much as you’d expect.

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4 Responses to “Angry Man Visits North Carolina, Brings Vinegar”

  1. Word says:

    “That’s what Americans used to do best. We used to build things.”

    Then we elected a Communist to the White HOuse who is more interested in destroying America than fixing it.

    This is the same speech he gave when he handed out 800 billion in stimulus 2 years ago and NOTHING got fixed. The money was wasted….the money was squandered and hes got a bunch of rich crony capitalist commie friends who are demanding their pockets get lined some more.

    Don’t listen to this BS America. He is simply a LIAR. Lies are what community organizer are exceptionally well able to do best when they lips are moving.

  2. Adobe Walls says:

    So he didn’t specify which bridges were in imminent danger of collapse this time?

  3. […] one of my favorite NC bloggers, William Teach writes Angry Man Visits North Carolina, Brings Vinegar about Obama’s Magical Misery […]

  4. Well, remember, Word, that in Liberal World, it is about intentions (in this case, the intention to build things), not results.

    The funny part, Adobe, is that his bus has apparently had no problem driving around on all those terrible bridges and roads.

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