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Awesome: Gaia Friendly Fluorescent Bulbs Linked To Increased Eye Diseases

But, we’re saving Mother Earth from have a 2 degree fever! (via Tom Nelson) (Firstpost) Energy-saving fluorescent lights can harm eyes, say scientists. A new research, led by the Australian National University, has warned that the global trend towards using fluorescent globes instead of incandescent ones as a strategy to beat climate change could be increasing eye […]

If All You See…

…is a carbon neutral bike, you might just be a Warmist

Occupy Charlotte: “A Rogue Group Of Kids”

All is not hunky dory within the Charlotte Occupiers group. Perhaps they just don’t have enough drums? (CBS Charlotte) “Occupy Charlotte” protesters have carried out an official coup within the group. Thomas Shope, 47, credited with helping to organize “Occupy Charlotte,” was exiled from the group for claiming leadership. A YouTube video broadcasts the group’s […]

Is Electric Car Maker Fisker The Next Solyndra?

There are actually many companies out there that may become little Solyndras, companies that were given smaller amounts of Stimulus money and have failed/look to fail. And let’s not forget the billions of taxpayer dollars just given to even more “green” companies at the end of September, companies which, like most of the rest, will […]

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