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Oh, Noes, Starbuck’s Worried About Coffee Due To Globull Warming!

It’s so terrible! Everybody panic!!!!!!! (UK Guardian) Forget about super-sizing into the trenta a few years from now: Starbucks is warning of a threat to world coffee supply because of climate change. In a telephone interview with the Guardian, Jim Hanna, the company’s sustainability director, said its farmers were already seeing the effects of a […]

If All You See…

…is a lovely bike which could end our dependence on fossil fuels, you might just be a Warmist

Bad News: Someone Kidnapped TOTUS

A bit of humor (Politico) A truck carrying President Obama’s podium, teleprompter and audio equipment was stolen in Richmond, Va., a local news outlet reports. Sources tell WWBT/NBC12 that around $200,000 of presidential equipment was stolen from a Richmond Marriott hotel location in advance of Wednesday’s presidential visit to Chesterfield, Va. Well, that’s some good […]

Oh, Noes, Globull Warming Causes Species To Get Smaller!

It’s terrible, really, really, really terrible. I’m not quite sure why it’s terrible, the story doesn’t say what the problem with species shrinking actually is (unless you plan to eat tiny birds), but, I assume it is somehow terrible and foreboding and means the End Of Life On Earth! (USA Today) From the mighty polar […]

Shocking Poll: Occupy Wall Street Way Out Of Touch With American Values

I remember having to take an on-line learning class about the Millennial generation, a long, long, long class about how to deal with them, coach them, train them, understand their feelings, which could all be boiled down to a simple phrase: “I’m entitled. Gimme.” Also, the phrase “It’s all about me” crops up. Obviously, it […]

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