Oh, Noes, Starbuck’s Worried About Coffee Due To Globull Warming!

It’s so terrible! Everybody panic!!!!!!!

(UK Guardian) Forget about super-sizing into the trenta a few years from now: Starbucks is warning of a threat to world coffee supply because of climate change.

In a telephone interview with the Guardian, Jim Hanna, the company’s sustainability director, said its farmers were already seeing the effects of a changing climate, with severe hurricanes and more resistant bugs reducing crop yields.

The company is now preparing for the possibility of a serious threat to global supplies. “What we are really seeing as a company as we look 10, 20, 30 years down the road – if conditions continue as they are – is a potentially significant risk to our supply chain, which is the Arabica coffee bean,” Hanna said.

Uh, what hurricanes? And “resistant bugs”? WTF? It’s like the Warmists think that evolution no longer happens.

Hanna is to travel to Washington on Friday to brief members of Congress on climate change and coffee at an event sponsored by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The coffee giant is part of a business coalition that has been trying to push Congress and the Obama administration to act on climate change – without success, as Hanna acknowledged.

Ah, a bit of lobbying from one of those big evil corporations. Because it has rained. But, he’s right, sort of

Harvest expectations and economic jitters are watering down coffee prices, but consider that skimming a little froth off the top.

Arabica coffee futures have hit as high as $3.0625 a pound this year. And even though they’re falling, growing demand and limited supplies of beans mean there’s a floor in sight, and it is $2.

From Beijing to Brasilia, more people are waking up to the joys of coffee, even as prices are above historic levels.

So, the price is going up because more people want it? And, according to the article, it is expensive to grow, so, people aren’t just jumping to grow coffee beans.

But weather troubles are hitting big growers and could undercut supply. Torrential rains in Colombia earlier this year could dash the country’s chances of producing its estimated 9 million 60 kg. bags in 2011. From January through August, the Andean nation produced just over 5 million bags, which could make this year the fourth consecutive disappointing harvest from the country.

See? It’s cause it’s rainy, due to climate change….oh, wait

There are even concerns that coffee-bean machine Brazil—the supplier of more than a third of the world’s coffee—may fall short of an expected record harvest in 2012. Cold weather and winds during the austral winter this year may have hurt trees, and the rains that spark coffee-tree flowering, which gives way to the coffee berries, are running late.

The reason that coffee harvests have been bad over the past 4-5 years is because of cold winters. Obviously caused because someone used their air conditioner in America.

(I’ve been sitting on this one since the 14th, figured it was time to post it)

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5 Responses to “Oh, Noes, Starbuck’s Worried About Coffee Due To Globull Warming!”

  1. Word says:

    You know……fuk corporations. Them sons ah bitches are always trying to screw you out of your money. A day late…..35 buks. Were raising your interest rate to 32 percent.

    Kohls…….is so bad that when you call them to talk to them they literally tell you to call back some other time when we dont have a million people bitching us out.

    I sent out 5 bills to 5 different merchants…….every one of them said I was a day late…….due on the 3rd sorry it was the 4th when we got it…35 bucks.

    Due on the 4th were sorry it was the 5th when we got it.

    Due on the 5th, were sorry it was the 6th when we got it.

    Mailed every bill on the same day. I kid you fuking not and full damn week before the bill was due.

    This is why people are infuriated with Corporations and Ive grown tired of defending their sorry asses.

    This is why I tell every pay with cash. A 53 dollar blanket now cost me 88 bucks plus interest.

    Sorry Sons a beeches.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    Last time I got hit with a supposed “late fee,” I said “prove it.”

    Their word is not sufficient as you cannot control the volume of mail and how that mail is received.

    Some states are passing laws now that say, just as with rent for an apartment, that moment of receipt if the day of the post mark.

    One of these days I am going to write a post about when I went to turn off a service for someone who was in the hospital, I was told the company would not turn the service off because there was a balance on the account. The bill had been mailed that day.

    I was told they weren’t go9ing to shut the service off in order to help the person not incur additional fees and perhaps being sent to a collection agency.

    In other words, they we going to keep billing despite a legal (according to their contract) shut off notice in order to “help me.”

    Yeah. Right.

  3. proof says:

    I’m sorry. Wouldn’t “global warming” mean that you could grow coffee in more places? Instead of Kona, maybe a nice Minnesota blend?

  4. Trish says:

    Starbucks, the coffee of leftists. I have had probably three cups of Starbucks in my entire life. I think it’s pretty clear it wasn’t all that great an experience. Then last week I hear they are looking for an extra 5 bucks (over the 5 bucks they make you pay for the java) in donation- for their very own “jobs” program. Right, a jobs program- sounds a lot like our president, that leftist punk in the WH.
    No, Starbucks, you are now going down. I predict that any extra money you do collect, will be helping to pay your payroll in the near future.

  5. Well, proof, growing coffee anywhere else but where it is grown now would be Bad. I’m not sure why it would be Bad, but, the alarmists say it would be Bad. It’s funny how Lefties are so scared of any change, isn’t it? During the Global Climate Optimum they grew better grapes for wine than in France.

    I like Starbucks coffee, especially since I only drink decaf, but, just too damned expensive now. I prefer Dunkin Donuts much more, but, avoid them, too. Easier, and cheaper, just to make more in the am and take it to work.

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