Awesome: Gaia Friendly Fluorescent Bulbs Linked To Increased Eye Diseases

But, we’re saving Mother Earth from have a 2 degree fever! (via Tom Nelson)

(Firstpost) Energy-saving fluorescent lights can harm eyes, say scientists. A new research, led by the Australian National University, has warned that the global trend towards using fluorescent globes instead of incandescent ones as a strategy to beat climate change could be increasing eye disease.

The research, published in the ‘American Journal of Public Health’, has found that fluorescent lighting may cause a 12 per cent rise in UV-related eye diseases like cataracts and pterygia.

Well, it’s a small sacrifice to make to minimize the impact of AGW, so, all you Alarmists, make sure you are using fluorescent, you must take the risk to Save Us All!

Anyone ever notice that lefty solutions always seem to be worse than the original conditions? It’s like all those medicine commercials, which spend half the time telling us about all the side effects, like bleeding, ulcers, …… death.

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6 Responses to “Awesome: Gaia Friendly Fluorescent Bulbs Linked To Increased Eye Diseases”

  1. Adobe Walls says:

    In fact I have noticed “that lefty solutions always seem to be worse than the original conditions?”.

  2. Word says:

    Lefties who despise corporations…….get on a computer made by a corporation and send emails via an internet made and maintained by corporations railing about corporations and telling everyone to meet in Chicago.

    They then whip out their corporate issued credit card and make a call on their corporate produced cell phone to a corporate owned motel to book a reservation for the next protest.

    They then jump in their corporate produced auto and drive to the corporate constructed airport and get on a corporate made airplane and fly to Chicago. Once arriving in Chicago they disembark and grab a taxi made by corporations and drive to their corporate owned motel on roads constructed by corporations.

    Once at the motel they whoop out their corporate made cardboard and corporate made magic markers and make their signs proclaiming that CORPORATIONS ARE EVIL.

    They then are interviewed by corporate NEWS who agree with them…….meanwhile back at the bank their corporate direct deposit check is drawn upon with their corporate issued ATM so they can go to a corporate owned restaurant and eat supper.

    Meanwhile their corporate sponsored leave of absence runs out and they scurry home to their CORPORATE job because they dont want to miss their next paycheck.

    Progressives………Living a retarded life……one day at a time.

  3. Thanks Pat. Going to link you back this morning.

    They always seem to make things worse, eh, Adobe?

    Of course, Word, the difference with liberals is they choose to make themselves retarded.

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