130 Occupy Criminals Arrested In Chicago

What else are we supposed to call them? These far left wing morons are more intent on the process of protesting than actually attempting to affect any sort of meaningful change. They aren’t accomplishing anything, and are turning people against their supposed cause. Hence, you get

(Chicago Tribune) Chicago police arrested about 130 Occupy Chicago protesters starting about 1 a.m. today after the group returned to Grant Park for the second weekend Saturday night and tried to maintain a camp in the park after its official closing time.

As the 11 p.m. park closing approached, more than 100 people decided to stay in Congress Plaza in Grant as several hundred more moved onto a nearby sidewalk or across Michigan Avenue, off Park District property. Police announced several times that anyone still in the park would be arrested, and by midnight, about 100 people remained in the plaza, which had been cordoned off with police barricades.

They gave fair warning.

The plaza was cleared by about 2:40 a.m., with about 130 people arrested, said Central Police District Cmdr. Christopher Kennedy. A few hundred remaining on sidewalks on the east and west sides of Michigan Avenue for a short time after the arrests ended, but most left by about 3 a.m. Those taken into custody were taken away in police vans and Sheriff’s Department buses for booking at police district stations.

Have fun with your misdemeanor record!

Early Sunday, protesters gathered in a tight group surrounding a medical tent in the center of the plaza. They chanted in call-and-response fashion, with questions such as “how we gonna get healthcare?,” or “fix schools,” answered with “tax, tax, tax the rich.” Later, they switched to taunts of the police officers who encircled them, chanting “You serve the 99 percent,” “Whose park? Our park!” and “Why no press? Let the media in!”

Well, there’s a good idea: taunt the Chicago PD. That surely would get them on your side. Morons.

Meanwhile, over to the BBC for Occupy London

Anti-capitalist protesters have started a second camp in London – as a demonstration outside St Paul’s Cathedral entered its seventh day.

The BBC is just telling it like it is. Of course, all the anti-capitalist protesters are using virtually everything that was made because of capitalism. Things like smartphones and quality tents would never have been made in a socialist system.

Finally, here’s another perfect picture of the Occupier, via the NY Daily News, in which the morons are protesting the NY police performing stop and frisks.

(photo by Bryan Smith)

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5 Responses to “130 Occupy Criminals Arrested In Chicago”

  1. Word says:

    Remind me again how many TEA PARTIERS were arrested?

    Any at all?

    Perfect example of the wonderful PROGRESSIVES and their MARXIST REVOLUTION.

    A Revolution that the MSM is encouraging and routing for………

    Incidently if the MSM kiddos had actually studied real history……Instead of the brainwashed bullshit fed to them by their MARXIST professors……….they would realize one thing……

    When the commies take over……the first thing to go is the MSM………professors, teachers, politicans and reporters.

    and the clueless MSM shouted AMEN!!!!……..praise Obama.

  2. gitarcarver says:

    I broke a long standing rule of mine to never watch Bill O’Reilly the other day but he had San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown on talking about the OWS groups and the Tea Party.

    Brown actually said one difference was how the Tea Party and the OWS was portrayed in the media. According to him, no one had ever done a survey on the current events knowledge of the Tea Party members (they have, but don’t let facts get in the way). Secondly (which showed he had trouble counting) he said the portrayal of the Tea Party violence and arrests were not given the same coverage in the media as those incidents from the OWS people.

    It never crossed his mind that the difference might have been the lack of violence and the lack of arrests from the Tea Party groups meant there was nothing to report upon.

    This is a man who obviously has his finger on the pulse of the people.

  3. I used to watch Bill quite a lot, but, I got really tired of him constantly interrupting his guests.

    Had there been TEA Party arrests, it would have been front page in every outlet. If it was just one arrested for, say, pot possession, it would have been the lead story. Yet, nada. So, liberals have to sumply make it up.

  4. gitarcarver says:

    I got tired of O’Reolly demanding things of others that he never agrees to. (And the fact he interrupts his guests all the time. 🙂 )

    FoxNews is good because they seem to cover stories that other MSM outlets do not. The spin they put on those stories is another matter. But used as a starting point, they are good.

    I agree if there had been arrests and violence at Tea Party rallies, the media and the left would be all over it. In Brown’s world, be can’t believe the Tea Party people are not the same as the OWS morons, and so he has to make the false claim the Tea Party is benefiting from favorable and slanted news coverages.

  5. The Watcher says:

    Liberal progressive whining about jail overcrowding in three…two…

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