And Now We Have To Worry About Tea From India

Yesterday it was coffee. Now, climate change (hoax) threatens tea. There could be riots in England if they read about it

Production of tea in Assam – one of the world’s largest tea producing regions – is on a slow decline, thanks to changing climate in the Brahmaputra river basin. This has been revealed by Prof Chandan Mahanta, a leading scientist from Assam who has been studying climate change effect in the river basin for years.

Speaking at a recent media meet on climate change and effects of other development projects on the Yarlung Zangbo/Brahmaputra river basin in Kathmandu, Nepal,  Mahanta said the research by Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati has shown that productivity has been slowly declining across the tea gardens of Assam for the past decade.

Dear God, nooooooooooooooo! Oh, wait

The decline on the yield has been attributed to erratic rainfall and inclement weather conditions. The ideal weather condition for a tea crop is rainfall at night and warm weather condition during the daytime. However, for past decade, incessant rainfall has deprived the crops of sufficient sunlight and a warm temperature during the day time in summer. Rain in the winter has also been a new phenomenon, bringing a damaging impact on the production.

So, because someone’s using their iPhone to tweet from the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s, um, cooler during the day in India.(?) This highlights how insane and unscientific the whole AGW cult is: everything is blamed on Mankind’s output of greenhouse gases, including when it gets cooler. Of course, they’ll say “it’s cooler because it’s raining more, so that’s proof that Mankind is at fault. Yearrrrrrrrrg!” Except, lower solar activity tends to lead to more cloud cover, which leads to more rainy conditions. Like during the last 4.5 billion years.

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