What To Do About The TSA?

Of course, one of the big stories as of late is the way the TSA is groping it’s way to airplane security. Jeffrey Goldberg calls for a opt out day, and for everyone to go commando with a kilt. R.S. McCain points out that a 3 year old being searched causes Islamophobia. Ed Morrissey writes

This points out yet again how the American approach to flight security misses the point, thanks to an “everyone must suffer equally” approach. The Israelis have not had an incident in decades, thanks to a much more comprehensive but subtle approach that looks for actual clues to danger, rather than using a random-sample method.

Obviously, this is not a new argument, it has been going on since right after 9/11, when it came to light that there was no profiling allowed before, nor would it be allowed afterwards. As Ann Coutler once wrote, it makes no sense, because profiling targets who the actual potential perpetrators are.

Personally, I fly once, maybe twice a year. Security is often an adventure for me, because I have a stainless steel bar in my right leg. Snapped both bones in my lower leg playing soccer in 1990. Usually, when the walk through scanner goes off, I’m nice about it, and tell the TSA guy/gal that I have it in my leg, and cooperate. That said, I do find it galling the way they sometimes search me.

Sure, take the wand, scan my leg. Beep beep beep. The rest of me is not going off. I’ll show you the scar on my knee, if you like. Yet, at times, they go way further. When I flew out of Los Angeles in June, they did. I was patted down more than ever before. Collar, rolling over my pants top, almost a groping. In full view of everyone else. This makes sense how, exactly? Look at my picture: do I fit the profile of an Islamic jihadist?

Now, I understand, the folks working security are given directives by those higher up. Many are just trying to do their jobs and keep flyers safe. But, there needs to be some common sense put into the system.

Let’s not forget that they aren’t just trying to stop Islamic wackjobs. They do have to be concerned with idiots who may get drunk on the plane and start a fight, and allowing them access to a weapon would be a Bad Thing. But, if the only point which the scanner goes off is along a lower leg, I roll up my pants and there is nothing there but a scar, yeah, no need for a full search.

Furthermore, what has always concerned me is that sometimes the scanner does NOT go off. I’ve gone through with metal in my pockets, and no response. I had metal sunglasses that I forgot were hanging from my collar, and no response. What gives? At the NHL Draft held in Raleigh years back, the scanners were were set high enough to be set off by the metal in a pack of cigarettes.

It is high time that the government realize that what would be considered sexual assault if it wasn’t the government doing it needs to stop. All the groping is an obvious response to the crotch bomber, almost a year later. If they really want to stop bad guys from doing bad things on airplanes, then they should single out those who fit the profile of an Islamic terrorist, not 3 year old white girls from the suburbs.

Interestingly, both sides of the political aisle are ticked off about the groping. That should tell Los Federales something.

PS: I suggest that everyone fly wearing bathing suits from now on. Would that be great? Plus, it would keep the jihadis away. They’re scared of women.

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5 Responses to “What To Do About The TSA?”

  1. mojo says:

    “Assume the position”

    That’d be: half-squat, one hand covering your package, the other flipping off the TSA screeners.

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  3. indy jones says:

    Fire the TSA perverts and hire Israeli security specialists. Israel has been doing this for years without sliding into the TSA perversion syndrome.

  4. Every elected official, including Obama, plus all the agency heads, should have to go through the whole thing themselves

  5. captainfish says:

    This is the solution of Socialism. Clearly. Make everyone suffer. Don’t improve anything and when the masses complain, blame the masses. Tell masses that they just can’t understand the dangers and that the gov’t is only doing it for their good.

    TSA is not run for security. It is run to control people and prepare people for utter national control.

    I think we need to not fly for more than one day. Not flying for one day is as stupid as the no-buy-gas-for-one-day event.

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