Obama: Hey, My Global Influence Rocks, So, Let Me Blame America

Once again, Obama makes it All About Himself at the G20 meeting

President Obama asserted Friday that the punishment his party took in midterm elections has not damaged his ability to advance U.S. interests overseas, saying his Asia trip has shown that many countries still want to work with the United States.

Well, yes, they do want to work with the United States. Not because of Obama, though, but, because we are The United States of America. Someone has a rather high opinion of himself.

Say, how’d that Olympics bid work out? Copenhagen? Nicolas Sarkozy has slammed Obama several times, and thinks he might be insane. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has told Obama no regarding economic policies many times, and rebuffed him on global trade imbalances at……the G20 meeting. He runs around the world apologizing for American exceptionalism, bows to world leaders, and is generally considered to be a lightweight. Iran toys with him like a rubber mouse. Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan have mostly tuned him out.

In a news conference following the Group of 20 summit, Obama said the United States, while still the world’s most powerful economy, can no longer dictate the terms of how the world does business, especially after a global economic turndown that many blame on American policies.

Right. The worldwide recession was all our fault. Just more of the same old Obama tearing down America on the world stage. And even the NY Times noticed that Obama kinda, well, failed at the G20. At least Jimmy Carter waited till he was out of office before going on a constant blame America rant.

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