The Other Washington Learns That Taxing And Spending Is, Um, Unpopular

A hard lesson learned, so, let’s try and scare the shit out of the people!

Voters sent a clear message on Election Day: no new taxes and no more of the taxes just passed by the state Legislature.

Gov. Chris Gregoire says she hears that message loud and clear, but warns it’ll force lawmakers to make drastic and painful cuts.

The state’s tax on soda, bottled water and candy were put in place a few months ago. But with the passage of Initiative 1107, those taxes are about to disappear, leaving an even budget hole for lawmakers.

“We’re not at a point where we’re going to take scissors and cut around the edges; we’re going to take programs and get rid of them,” Gregoire said.

The governor says Democrats counted on the taxes from soda, bottled water and candy to help fill the $4.5 billion budget hole, and loss of those taxes will add other $220 million to that deficit over the next two years.

Just a thought in the dark, but, instead of spending so much to start with, why not use the people’s money wisely, and not run the spending up, to end up in a $4.5 billion whole.

BTW, I-1107, which stopped the idiotic taxation on food and beverages, passed 63% to 37%.

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One Response to “The Other Washington Learns That Taxing And Spending Is, Um, Unpopular”

  1. captainfish says:

    Hmmm.. if being barely voted in to office in 2009 can give Obama and the Dems a mandate, then what does a 63% vote mean?

    A flirtive suggestion?

    Wait, they have a $4.5 million dollar hole that the Dems were hoping the food taxes would HELP FILL? Yet, without those increased taxes, the hole will increase to $220 million?!!?!?

    Sounds like to me that they had already planned on spending that money over the next few years and counted their chickens before they were created.

    In other words, the $220 million hole is a useful fear that the left uses to push for increased taxes. “We can’t reduce taxes because we’ll have a hole in our increased budget!!”

    Kiss my hairy side.

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