Surrender Monkey Friday: There Is No Lefty Voter Fraud

surrender monkey voter fraud

The Surrender Monkey has a thrilling up his leg today. He loves that a blogger who has whined about election fraud and similar issues for years is now doing his damndest to label all the ACORN issues as no big deal and defend all the registration issues by ACORN. And he is doing it in the same rag that featured a story calling for Bush’s assassination if he won in 2004. Give a big hand to today’s featured surrender monkey, Brad Friedman!

So where’s the “voter fraud“?

Fox News, and its Rupert Murdoch-owned print brethren, the New York Post, continue to bang the GOP’s phony Acorn “voter fraud” drum, but as far as I can tell, they’ve failed to come up with a single incident of any actual voter fraud committed by those dastardly “left-wing extremists”.

Yes, Conservative firebrand Ann Coulter has committed voter fraud, but neither of the Murdoch outfits seem to report on that, even as they go wall-to-wall with misleading reports claiming that the community organization, Acorn is committing massive “voter fraud” on behalf of the Democrats.

OK, starting out with a bit of Fox News and Ann Coulter derangement. Unfortunately, Brad, if you take a look around, there are quite a few other news outlets investigating. In particular, take a look at Ohio sources, which are not amused by all the registration issues and Sec of State Brunner’s unwillingness to perform her job on the matter as laid out by federal law.

So, as it’s now been revealed that John McCain himself was a keynote speaker at a 2006 Acorn rally in Florida, where he declared the group’s volunteers to be “what makes America special”, and as I’ve been going back and forth with commenters on my “Republican Voter Fraud Hoax” piece earlier this week at the Guardian, nobody seems able to show me an instance of any actual voter fraud committed by Acorn, or even anybody who registered via Acorn.

And when McCain learned how shady the organization was, he disowned them. But, what Brad is doing is playing games: all the shady registrations haven’t voted yet, so, it is not voter fraud. Case closed!

Yet, why are there so many problems with ACORN, Brad? Rogue agents? Sounds like the group, which receives quite a bit of money from the federal government and the Obama campaign, should police itself better. Yet, many of the bad registration form seem to make it through to the State’s.

And why have so many bad registrations as it is? What do they plan on doing with them? What’s the point? That never really gets explained.

For someone who has been so worried about the all types of election fraud for years, who made a living with conspiracy theories about electronic voting machine tampering, who sees people having to wait in long lines as “voter irregularities,” etc and so on, he sure looks away from an issue that could put Democrats in a bad light, eh? So much for the high morals of the Left, who want to stop all election fraud and irregularities.

Update: Brad wanted an instance: how about, via Ace

(Albuquerque, NM) – Public records released in New Mexico today confirm that fraudulent voter registrations are in fact turning into fraudulent votes. ACORN, currently under investigation by the FBI, is now confirmed to be responsible for producing fraudulent voter registrations and illegal votes in New Mexico. An inspection of public records has revealed that illegal votes were cast in New Mexico’s 2008 primary election.

This was the Democrat primary, but, hmm, sure looks like voter fraud to me! And, we typically find this stuff after it has occured. The Left is playing a game that it can’t be voter fraud until they actually vote. Poppycock. Intentions matter.

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3 Responses to “Surrender Monkey Friday: There Is No Lefty Voter Fraud”

  1. Rosemary says:

    This is one method. Another method is when they go into the districts that speak no Englilsh and MAKE them vote. ARGGHHH! (California.)

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    If you haven’t made up your mind yet, this video may help. It is spot on, and it states the facts better than either politician has thus far. Take a listen to this 9:31 minute video, and then decide to which side you belong. [Funny]…

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