McCain Goes After ACORN And Obama

Well, it’s a start

John McCain’s campaign alleged today that Barack Obama is tied to a liberal activist group that has come under scrutiny for its voter registration work.

In a conference call with reporters, campaign manager Rick Davis said Obama’s ties to ACORN, known formally as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, should be investigated. He said that the Obama campaign gave an ACORN affiliate $832,000 to get out the vote during the primaries and that Obama has other ties to the organization.

“Questions remain about what Barack Obama’s relationship is and has been with ACORN,” Davis said. He argued that Obama has been inconsistent in describing his relationship with the group.

Many questions remain, such as why all the Lefties who have been whining about stolen elections and election fraud since Gore lost in 2000 are suddenly A-OK with obvious and blatant fraud by a group which is supposedly non-partisan, but tends to register people as Democrats and, surprise surprise! has endorsed Barack Obama. All of a sudden, those on the Left have forgotten their complaintsand 8 years of pathetic whining and say that it has been Republicans who have been the ones complaining for 8 years. We could probably go through all the idiotic, juvenile, and amnesia based rants of these writers, but, too what point? They have been discussed ad nauseum.

They certainly have no problems with government money being used to support fraud by ACORN, a group which states they take no government money.

Isn’t it funny how all the problems with ACORN seem to be occurring in swing states and states that can be flipped, such as North Carolina, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Mexico, and Missouri, among others? Why do we not hear about abnormal registrations in solid Blue states such as California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts?

And now the Leftists have changed their call of voter fraud. In 2000, it was MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD because Democrat voters were too dumb to use a ballot in Florida in 28 voting precincts, 27 which were run by Democrats. In 2004 it was MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD when Democrats had to wait in long lines to vote in precincts run by Democrats in Ohio. In 2008, if a group is being found to be involved in all sorts of irregularities, it isn’t voter fraud. I’m not sure what they think it is, but, they sure don’t think it is voter fraud. Not sure they even consider it attempted fraud. Not sure if they really even care as long as their guy is ahead in the polls.

If Obama loses, who wants to bet the Lefties change their tune?

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3 Responses to “McCain Goes After ACORN And Obama”

  1. GM Cassel AMH1(AW) USN RET says:

    Treason is as Treason does.

  2. manbearpig says:

    I saw some of the coverage of the ACORN investigations on Thursday and Friday and the left was quick to point out that there has been no vote fraud committed. That may be… because they caught the fraudulent registrations. Without having to show ID, I could very easily walk into a precinct and claim to be Theodore E. Bear, and as long as I know the address that was used to register the name, I get to vote. Think about it. You turn in 5000 fake registration forms and have a couple hundred people going to several precincts during the course of the election day claiming to be someone they are not. It is VERY easy.

    Now granted it hasn’t happened yet (that we know of) but how do you go about proving it unless you verify the names on the voter rolls ahead of time? Because on election day, if the name is on the books, and you claim to be a particular person, you can’t ask them to prove their identity or you are trying to deny them the right to vote. Maybe we need to “blue dye” on the thumb like they had in Baghdad.

  3. It’s what the Dems are best at, as you know, GM.

    Good points, MBP. I’m all for showing ID, which wouldn’t completely stop it, but certainly reduce fraud, but, funny how most libs are against that, eh?

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