Muslim Anger: I Hope Sarah Maple Gets Some Bodyguards, Plus Other Stuff

In reality, it would probably be easier, and quicker, to list the things Muslims like, rather then the things that tick them off

The artist, who has shown at Ronnie Wood’s Scream gallery, has a new exhibition with a headline picture showing a Muslim woman cradling a pig.

Already, Mokhtar Badri, the vice-president of the Muslim Association of Britain, tells Mandrake that his organisation plans to visit the SaLon Gallery, in Notting Hill, west London, to demand that it remove Maple’s painting when it exhibits it next week.

“Although we condemn violence, Muslims have a right to express their disgust at this work,” he tells me. “An artist has the right to free speech and to express him or herself, but people also have the right to protest. She clearly wants to provoke a strong reaction from Muslims and that is what she will get.”

Maple, 23, who was brought up as a Muslim, has already evoked Islamic wrath. Her exhibition at Rolling Stone Wood’s gallery earlier this year depicted Muslim women in provocative poses, including one suggestively sucking on a banana.

But the typical Muslim way of protesting has a way of turning ugly, and the words of Badri do not inspire confidence that any protests will be peaceful. Sarah should keep in mind what happened to Theo Van Gogh, and all the threats and action against the Dutch cartoonists.

In other Muslim news:

Hey, look, yet more British youth in court to face terrorism charges. And, yes, he did have all the necessary materials to make a homemade bomb, and was thrilled by 9/11.

But, hey, the Islamification of Britian is on a steady pace, as Muslims convicted of crimes and in jail get all new clothes and bedding after the sniffer dogs come in. Think Christians would get the same treatment? And, the other prisoners are rightly annoyed about the special treatment. And, as one MP points out

Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley in Yorkshire, said: “Another way for people not to have their cells searched for drugs is not to commit crime in the first place. If you commit a crime and go to prison, there are certain things which you expect to happen.” 

Well, if you are a Muslim in England, you can now expect to get special treatment by the dhimmi’s.

And, in Canada, they are going out of their way to accommodate Muslims. It’s great that they want to be included and be part of the military and the infrastructure, but, why do they get special dispensations for their uniforms and other accommodations?

In her crisp, white shirt, pressed black skirt and white hijab head covering – Canadian Forces Lieutenant Wafa Dabbagh looked every inch the disciplined soldier.

The only part of her appearance that looked out of place was that her shirt wasn’t tucked in. As a faithful Muslim woman, Lt. Dabbagh’s dress code doesn’t permit her to wear tight or form-fitting clothing. And the Canadian Forces is fine with that. Since joining the forces 12 years ago, Lt. Dabbagh said, the Canadian Forces have gone out of their way to accommodate her faith’s dress code and dietary restrictions.

Both Lt. Dabbagh and another Muslim officer, Master Corporal Tarik Kadri, assured the group the Canadian Forces badly wants to diversify its ranks and attract more Muslims. They said accommodations for dietary needs, religious holidays and clothing are made in today’s forces.

But, that isn’t even the best part

But the issue on most people’s minds was the thorny matter of the potential for combat in Afghanistan, where a Muslim Canadian soldier might be called upon to fight another Muslim.

I bet any Christian soldiers who might express a problem with fighting other Christians wouldn’t even get those concerns put in print, and would be smacked down by command. Think Muslims from Canada are sent to fight with their units in Afghanistan? Yeah, me neither.

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2 Responses to “Muslim Anger: I Hope Sarah Maple Gets Some Bodyguards, Plus Other Stuff”

  1. manbearpig says:

    Who remembers years ago when there was an exhibit of a crucifix in a glass of urine? (please forgive me, I forget the artist).

    And how about a few years back when the painting of the Virgin Mary with pieces of elephant dung tossed in was making the exhibit circuit? Rememberr the outrage by Christians? They were told to basically shut up, that it was simply the artist expressing himself.

    Well I say let the Muslims whine! It’s art for crying out loud! BOHICA!!!!!

  2. The most interesting part is how people are actually surprised nowadays when Muslims do not get violent over some slight to their religion of peace.

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