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Sticky Post: McCain McCarnival For 3/14!

We at McCain Blogs are going to host the first of hopefully many blog carnivals (or roundups, for those not familiar with strange blog lingo) on Friday. We are soliciting submissions in the roundup (”McCarnival”) from any and all bloggers who have pro-McCain posts who would like to be included. Please go here to submit […]

Elliot “DL’s For Illegals” Spitzer Linked To Prositution Ring-Now With “Guess The Party!”

Were they illegal alien hookers he gave drivers licenses to? Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning. It appears that he was more of a client then a person who ran the ring. Of course, all he […]

Carbon Output Should Be Near Zero, Or We’ll All Die!

I wonder how many trees are killed and how much CO2 the Washington Post puts out daily in order to bring us such doom and gloom, the world is going to end type stories such as this The task of cutting greenhouse gas emissions enough to avert a dangerous rise in global temperatures may be far […]

Illegal Immigration: Who Watches The Watchers?

No commentary necessary A high-ranking immigration investigator on Friday was sentenced to a year in prison for harboring his illegal-alien girlfriend. The case against Lloyd Miner, the assistant chief of investigations for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, stemmed from the high-profile investigation into Robert Schofield, a former Homeland Security immigration official who convicted of […]

Aside: Why Bloggers Don’t Succeed

Right Wing News offers up the top 10 reasons bloggers don’t succeed

Beer Monday: Palestinian Authority Celebrates Killers

Happy Monday! The start of a new work week, time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, revolutionize outside the box. How ’bout a beer? I don’t think you’ll need a beer after reading this story, as it is just business as usual for those who practice the religion of peace (Palestinian Media Watch) Mahmoud […]

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