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Jungle Love

Heard it on the radio earlier. Had forgotten about this kick ass song.

Another Kook Progressive Looking To Take Away Pelosi’s Seat

Now this is funny stuff! It’s not well known, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has an additional anti-war primary challenger for her congressional seat in California’s 8th District. She’s Shirley Golub, 61, who has worked on Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaigns this year and in 2004. The most prominent plank in her platform: impeachment of President […]

Blogging While Female, Part Deux

John Hawkins profiles 5 more female bloggers over at Right Wing News, LaShawn Barber, Emily Zanotti, Ann Althouse, Mary Katherine Hamm, and Kathy Shaidle. Check it out.

Mexican Truckers No Habla Ingles

This story is a couple days old, but, went searching for it after hearing a Captital Hill reporter discussing the issue on 680-WPTF this am at wake up time. Mexican truck drivers allowed to travel throughout the U.S. under a Bush administration demonstration project may not be proficient in English, despite Department of Transportation assurances […]

United Nations: Screw The Free Press

Would anyone be surprised by the “do as we say not as we do” attitude at the UN? (CNS News) Reporters covering the United Nations complain that the organization, whose Universal Declaration of Human Rights calls for freedom of the press, has been trying to stifle reporters covering the U.N. itself. This month, for example, […]

Obamessiah Pastor’s Theology: Destroy The White Enemy

Today, BHO plans to give a major speech on “the larger issue of race in this campaign.” He plans to explain what goes on in Black churches, which certainly seems to include lots of change, sometimes violently, and lots of hope, for violence. Will he be able to explain what this means? (h/t Stop The ACLU) […]

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