Daily Archives: March 22, 2008

Top Progressive Company Hates Its Workers

Will Starbucks get the WalMart treatment? Starbucks got caught with its hand in the tip jar and was ordered Thursday to pay California baristas more than $100 million. In a San Diego County class-action lawsuit, a judge ordered the coffee giant to pay back tips, with interest, that the company had handed over to shift […]

Roland Martin Inadverdently Explains The Progressive Position

Over on Anderson Cooper’s blog at CNN, Roland Martin was trying to put Jeremiah Wrights “chickens coming home to roost” comment in context, and went and listened to the whole speech As this whole sordid episode regarding the sermons of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright has played out over the last week, I wanted to understand what he […]

Global Warming Today: Hysterical

More hysterical idiocy, in an article on man made global warming (seattlepi.com) Starting around 500 years ago, when the prominent thinkers of the day (Copernicus, Galileo) were ridiculed for claiming the Earth was round and the planets rotated around the sun, a pattern has followed: Conservatives have lost most of the major battles where they […]

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