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Obama Using “The Fear Bomb?”

Has anyone informed Michelle Obama that her husband is dropping a fear bomb? You know, playing that fear card. Dan Riehl has the video Starting at 12 seconds in … just how many Arab-American families are being rounded up in America without benefit of an attorney? Apparently enough for Obama to be concerned over his […]

Victoria Going Less Sexy

Washington Post Maybe it was the lusty mannequins in its stores, the massage oil on its shelves or the overabundance of cleavage on the glittery runway of its annual TV fashion show. But yesterday, Victoria’s Secret chief executive Sharen J. Turney acknowledged that the chain had gotten “too sexy.” Is such a thing even possible? […]

FISA Deal In The Works?

Via Protein Wisdom, through an upset Lefty blog To break an impasse over legislation overhauling the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, House Democratic leaders are considering the option of taking up a Senate-passed FISA bill in stages, congressional sources said today. Under the plan, the House would vote separately on the first title of the bill, […]

Obamessiah Plays Hoops

Just helping Beth out Meanwhile, through Greta and Holly, ask the Obamessiah Magic Eight Ball your questions!

Morning Headlines

Bush Aide Resigns After Admitting Plagiarism A longtime aide to President Bush who wrote occasional guest columns for his hometown newspaper resigned on Friday evening after admitting that he had repeatedly plagiarized from other writers. I won’t say the left went ape over this, but they are certainly cheering. Compare to the Ward Churchill plagiarism […]

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