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I remember hearing about Hulu a while back, and, finally online. Some interesting content from the big networks, licensed and legal! Clips and full length features (H/t Hot Air) Check to see how it comes out. They are a bit wide for a lot of blogs at 510 width.

Spitzer Resigns, Still Not Sure Of Party Affiliation

See ya, Eliot Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose rise to political power as a fierce enforcer of ethics in public life was undone by revelations of his own involvement with prostitutes, resigned on Wednesday, becoming the first New York governor to leave office amid scandal in nearly a century. Six people contributed to writing the NY […]

Aside: Left Supporting The Troops

How does the Left support the military? Check this article by John Hawkins for the answer.

Al Qaeda Lookin More Like The Democrat Party Every Day

We already know that Al Qaeda gets talking points from Democrats, and prefers the Democrat Party in American elections. Now, they are seemingly having issues with group cohesion, reminding me of the split over whether to choose the Obamessiah or Hillary Clinton (Washington Times) Internal divisions between Saudi and Egyptian leaders of al Qaeda are […]

Reset Your WordPress Time

For those who are new to WordPress, and some that aren’t, you might want to go in to the Options module, scroll down to time, and change the “Times in the blog should differ by” back one hour. For instance, in order to match the time during the winter, I had mine set to -5, […]

Clean Fuel Causes Lots Of Pollution=Irony

I’m all for new, cleaner energy sources. I would love to get off not just our foreign oil dependence, but our our overall oil dependence. But, what is the point of replacing one pollutant with another? After residents of the Riverbend Farms subdivision noticed that an oily, fetid substance had begun fouling the Black Warrior […]

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