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snapped shot Returns

Hey, good news, snapped shot is back, AP lite.

Hey, You! Join The McCain Blogs List!

Do it! You know you want to. A shiny gold Dubloon for all who sign on. Yaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr! So, don’t be a booby Be a McCainiac! Or the kitten gets it Your choice. Dubloon, or the kitty? Meanwhile, who will pay for all the Defeatocrats promises?

Does Global Warming Cause Massive Snow?

Perhaps it is time to consider that the climate is changing from one of warming to one of cooling Severe snow disasters have left 1.65 million people snowblind and frostbitten, 500,000 livestock and wildlife dead and 3.1 million others on verge of starvation in Tibetan prefectures of northwestern Qinghai Province. Since October last year, consecutive […]

Alexander Graham Bell, BDay Boy, Endorses Hillary

Bell was born March 3, 1847, and he wants you to know that, as the father of the telephone (or the guy who patented it first, depending on your point of view), he thinks Hillary would be much better at answering the phone at 3am then the Obamessiah. Of course, she probably has a lot more […]

Bush Moves To Protect Telecoms From Being Litigated To Death

That is what the headline should say, anyhow (Washington Post) President Bush said last week that telecommunications companies that helped government wiretapping efforts need protection from “class-action plaintiff attorneys” who see a “financial gravy train” ahead. Democrats and privacy groups responded by accusing the Bush administration of trying to shut down the lawsuits to hide […]

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