Daily Archives: March 17, 2008

New Theme Time!!!!

So, what do y’all think? Yes? No? See any issues with it? I liked the rotating banner for the previous theme, but, I kinda like having sidebars on the left and right, with the blue surrounding the whole thing, which goes back to the theme I had on Typepad.

US Deporting More Illegals

Well, this is good news. The government is actually sending illegals out of here with authority The Department of Homeland Security, continuing to enforce what it calls a “strict policy of arresting, prosecuting and jailing” illegal immigrants, deported a record number of those caught on the nation’s borders last year — more than 280,000 in […]

Christian Church Opens In Qatar, Amazingly, No Violence From The RoP

Even more amazing is that the church was actually allowed to open in the first place The first church permitted in Qatar held its first Mass on Sunday without incident, following threats by Islamists unhappy about a Christian place of worship in the capital of the Gulf state. Under tight security, thousands of Christians attended […]

Beer Monday: You Mean The Obamessiah Did Attend A Wright Hate Speech?

Happy Monday! Time to get busy, shift a few paradigms, invest in your future. How ’bout a beer? Obama supporters are going to need a beer after this story. But, not because it shows Obama to be a liar and a racist supporter, but, because it will cause them problems politically. They could barely care […]

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