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Things You Did Not Know About The Penis

I’m not kidding. No, really. It’s news. cBS says so! Here are some things you might have wondered about your penis, but were afraid to ask. No. 1: Your Penis Does Have a Mind of Its Own You’ve probably noticed that your penis often does its own thing. You may remember times when it was […]

What Should The GOP Do About Ron Paul Supporters

John Hawkins breaks down the “what should the GOP do about Ron Paul supporters,” which came up due to some Ron Paul whining in the Washington Times.

Aside: Zombietime

Zombie has yet another fantastic photo essay, this time of “5 Years Too Many”. Or, is it “to many’?

Conyers Promises Non Basement Impeachment AFTER Elections

The Barking Moonbat post of the day At a gathering of liberal activists in Washington on Tuesday, Rep. John Conyers (Derangedocrat-Mich.) was asked if he would commit to holding the Bush administration accountable once a Democrat is in the White House and illegal acts have been pinned on President Bush. “Yes, you have my word […]

Excitable Andy: Large Swathes Of Conservatives Are Hateful

Yes, once again Excitable Andy goes off the rails For me, this is an epiphany of sorts. Not that I have changed my mind about the things I wrote in “The Conservative Soul.” Not that I have stopped believing in limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, pragmatic change. But I have come to believe that […]

Spitzer Hooker Really Is A Girl Gone Wild

No, really, via TMZ Before she sold herself to Eliot Spitzer, TMZ has learned that Ashley Alexandra Dupre gave herself up to the “Girls Gone Wild” cams for her 18th birthday — and spent an entire week aboard the “GGW” bus. Sources tell TMZ that “GGW” has “a week’s worth” of video of Ashley celebrating […]

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