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Obamessiah Repudiate’s Pastor Of 20 Years Remarks

OK, let me get this straight (as so many others have said, as well): Barack Mary Obama has been going willingly to Reverend Wright for 20 years. Wright married Barack Mary Obama and his wife Michelle “America is just mean”. Obama’s children were baptized by Wright. Obama’s kids go and listen to the hate speech […]

Muhammad Cartoon Blasphemy!!

Someone’s looking for a massive fatwa! Just the way we love it! (via The Jawa Report) As Rusty points out, if you watch it, you could be sentenced to death under Sharia law. You sure you want to watch it? Do you have the fortitude to stand strong in the face of certain pig related death? […]

Hamas Admits To Using Women And Children As Shields

More from the Religion of Peace A Hamas parliamentarian has openly admitted to developing a “death-seeking” culture that uses women, children and the elderly as human shields against Israeli military attacks. “[The enemies of Allah] do not know that the Palestinian people have developed [methods] of death and death-seeking,” Hamas parliamentarian, Fathi Hammad said in […]

Focusing On The Goracle’s Hypocrisy

From CNS News A national advertising campaign contrasting Al Gore’s “energy-consuming lifestyle” with the need for energy in developing countries was launched by a conservative think tank Tuesday despite charges from global warming activists that the new effort merely recycles old attacks on the former vice president. “Activists are always warning us about the alleged […]

Surrender Monkey Friday: Senate Votes Against Earmark Moratorium

The Surrender Monkey is really happy today, since it was not just Democrats surrendering, but a good chunk of Republicans, as well. How? (Fox News) The Senate rejected calls from both parties’ presidential candidates to take an election-year break from pork-barrel spending as a Democratic-run Congress pushed budget plans that would torpedo hundreds of billions […]

McCain McCarnival!!! Weekend Pirate Linkfest Sticky Post 3/14-3/16

The first McCain McCarnival is up at McCain Blogs! The McCarnival is an opportunity to highlight blogs and blog posts that support the candidacy of John McCain for President of the United States. If you would like to join the McCarnival you can submit your post here, and it will be included in the next […]

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