Excitable Andy: Large Swathes Of Conservatives Are Hateful

Yes, once again Excitable Andy goes off the rails

For me, this is an epiphany of sorts. Not that I have changed my mind about the things I wrote in “The Conservative Soul.” Not that I have stopped believing in limited government, individual freedom, personal responsibility, pragmatic change. But I have come to believe that large swathes of today’s conservative movement truly are hateful. A reader writes:

One letter, and Sullivan determines that “large swathes of today’s conservative movement truly are hateful.” What were the conservatives doing? To shorten the letter, they were not buying into the bullshit that the Obamessiah was pushing, either in person while watching the speech, or on conservative radio. Apparently, we are not allowed to question Obama’s speech, and, if we do, we are hateful.

We are not allowed to question 20 years of going to listen to a hate filled, bigoted, racially divisive pastor, who…..well, you know the drill. If we do, we are hateful. Apparently, a 20 year history can all be put into the memory hole after one speech. We apparently cannot even wonder about that 20 years of dealing with a guy who Obama said was a mentor and almost like his uncle.

Yet, Excitable Andy can paint “large swathes” of conservatives as hateful over one letter. One. He won’t paint Trinity Church and the Rev. Wright as hateful, because, woops! that would paint someone who attended for 20 years, got married by the pastor, kids were baptized….well, you know the story by now.

Keep carrying that water for Obama, Andy, and cBS will probably give you Katie Couric’s slot!

Meanwhile, I truly enjoy the Washington Post’s headline: Obama Urges U.S.: “Move Beyond Our Old Racial Wounds.”Perhaps Barack should be telling that to the Trinity Church and his hateful, racially divisive pastor, rather then preaching to the rest of us. Maybe Obama should look in his own heart and heal it, first.

PS: I wonder how Andy would react if it was McCain’s pastor?

More: Jim Geraghty asks, If Obama Was So Troubled by Wright’s Words… Why Keep Bringing His Daughters?

Over at the Politico, the GOP sees Wright as a pathway to winning in November

I think Mo Dowd had an orgasm while watching the Obamessiah. So did probably the rest of the NY Times staff. You’re welcome for that visual which will stick with you for quite some time.

Michael Gerson at The Washington Post said the speech fell short.

The Big Trunk at Powerline says Obama threw grandma under the bus.

Dan Collins at protein wisdom has some gleenings.

Right Wing News calls BHO Al Sharpton 2.0: But, did [BHO] give any sort of genuine explanation as to why he has been hanging around the black equivalent of David Duke for 20 years? No.

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5 Responses to “Excitable Andy: Large Swathes Of Conservatives Are Hateful”

  1. manbearpig says:

    The question I had was this… why did the Obamessiah’s good friend, Oprah Winfrey, abandon that church and the good Rev. Wright when he started spouting his, hateful, bigoted sermons, but Obamessiah hung around? It doesn’t make sense that one person would leave, but the other would stay unless the one who stayed actually HAD some of the same beliefs and agreed with the comments that Wright was making.

    Also, it explains a lot when you listen to the remarks of Mrs. Obamessiah and how she has never been “proud of her country”. Like it or not, people of like minds hang out together and if the one talking is spewing hate speech, then it is only logical that the others in the group advocate what he is saying.

    To counter the remarks made by Obamessiah yesterday…. I am sure there are lots of KKK members who do lots for their communities, does that make them good people? I guess so using BHO’s logic. Al Capone did lots of great things for the Italians who lived in his neck of the woods in Chicago and the people loved him. Does that mean we should look the other way when it comes to all the people he had whacked because people liked him?

    BHO is reaching right now to distance himself from Rev. Wright to appease the white voters, but not so much was to alienate the black voters. You can’t have it both ways buddy.

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    A short recon of whatÂ’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often….

  3. All excellent points, manbearpig, which, I seriously doubt the Credentialed Media will ever take in to consideration.

  4. manbearpig says:

    One other point, I haven’t heard addressed was when BHO decided to bring his “white grandmother” into things.

    He says that his white grandmother was afraid of black men while walking down the street, and often used racially insensitive remarks that offended him. But yet the remarks that came out of Rev. Wright’s mouth for 20 years were NEVER offensive to him… or at the very least, offensive enough that he would possibly bring it up to the good Reverend? I find it very hard to believe, especially since he has been in this church for 20 years. Never once in those 20 years did he ever raise that point to his spiritual adviser that one, just one, of his remarks might be construed as offensive?

    What it comes down to, I think, is that BHO appeased his supporters, but did nothing for those who already had questions about him. All this speech did was allow the MSM to say “look, he isn’t shying away from addressing racial issues”.

  5. Stacy says:

    I don’t even know what this post is about. All I know is manbearpig is in the house.

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