Obama Using “The Fear Bomb?”

Has anyone informed Michelle Obama that her husband is dropping a fear bomb? You know, playing that fear card. Dan Riehl has the video

Starting at 12 seconds in … just how many Arab-American families are being rounded up in America without benefit of an attorney? Apparently enough for Obama to be concerned over his own Civil Liberties, according to him. Has he ever given examples of these families? You’d think they would be in the news.

Fear baby, fear. Or, should it be Nutroots style reality based community paranoia? Because I would like to know how many of them are being rounded up and put in those massive reeducation and holding camps the left wing loons have said are being built for when BushCo completes the takeover.

Apparently, we can now put Obama not only in the “typical progressive who doesn’t really like America” camp, but in the Barking Moonbat one, as well.

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2 Responses to “Obama Using “The Fear Bomb?””

  1. Kurt P says:

    If BushCo is rounding up arab-Americans and putting them into sooper sekrit Gulags; they must be the only two secrets that his administration could keep from the NYT.

  2. darthcrUSAderworldtour2007 says:

    Blackbeard, the FEAR BOMBS are the left-wingbat mutants that are pictured behind HIPS ‘N Q-TIPS when they are attending the rallies…. OUCH! Woodstock Mosh Pitters 2008?

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