Top Progressive Company Hates Its Workers

Will Starbucks get the WalMart treatment?

Starbucks got caught with its hand in the tip jar and was ordered Thursday to pay California baristas more than $100 million.

In a San Diego County class-action lawsuit, a judge ordered the coffee giant to pay back tips, with interest, that the company had handed over to shift supervisors. Some baristas could receive more than $10,000, according to their attorney.

But, get this: this massive example of progressiveness in business is not happy with the decision

Starbucks Corp. said it was outraged and vowed to appeal. In a statement, the company said the decision “is not only contrary to law, it is fundamentally unfair and beyond all common sense and reason.”

“The decision today in our view represents an extreme example of an abuse of the class-action procedures in California courts,” the company said, noting that the case was filed by a single former barista and “the interests of the shift supervisors were not represented in this litigation.”

Interesting. As soon as fairness to the Workers comes in to play, Starbucks starts to sound like a caricature conservative Big Business company. As soon as a California court smacks them around, they start to realize the true conservative notion that liberal policies in the legal system are not necessary fair, and that they engage in lots of judicial activism.

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4 Responses to “Top Progressive Company Hates Its Workers”

  1. HeadSlapping says:

    You’re a nitwit. Aside from the fact that all Sbux frontliners get above minimum wage, this alleged tip-dipping is a false accusation. No tips were skimmed, no MANAGEMENT got tips. Shift-supervisors, essentially baristas trusted enough to lock/unlock the stores and count out the cash-drawers, received a rightful cut of the tips. California is choosing to define Shift-supervisors as Store Managers. Shift-supervisors are not “Assistant Managers,” they are not “Managers”. They are baristas recognized with some extra responsibility.

    Bottom line – ALL TIPS WENT TO NON-MANAGEMENT WORKERS THAT EARNED THEM. California has decided that Starbucks corporate should give non-shift-supervisors an extra round of tipping.

    What’s more – if the appeal fails, Shift-supervisors will won’t be eligible for tips. Stupid, stupid, stupid. That means that Starbucks’ best front-line leaders, i.e. the smiling, helpful baristas that actually deserve your tips, won’t be entitled to a part of the extra buck you throw in.

  2. Chase says:

    I have to agree, you’re a nitwit.

    Starbucks is DEFENDING its workers from an EX-WORKER who is trying to screw half their work-force in Cali.

  3. Chase says:

    I agree, you’re a nitwit.

    Starbucks is DEFENDING its employee’s from an EX-EMPLOYEE’S lawsuit.

    I work for Starbucks and I hope the appeal wins.

  4. Hey, as far as it goes, I do not see an issue with the supervisors getting tips. They should. However, it apparently violated the law.

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