Mexican Truckers No Habla Ingles

This story is a couple days old, but, went searching for it after hearing a Captital Hill reporter discussing the issue on 680-WPTF this am at wake up time.

Mexican truck drivers allowed to travel throughout the U.S. under a Bush administration demonstration project may not be proficient in English, despite Department of Transportation assurances to the contrary.

A brochure on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website instructs Mexican truck drivers, “Did you know … You MUST be able to read and speak English to drive trucks in the United States.”

Still, at the Senate Commerce Committee oversight hearing Tuesday, Secretary of Transportation Mary Peters and DOT Inspector General Calvin L. Scovel III reluctantly admitted under intense questioning from Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., that Mexican drivers were being designated at the border as “proficient in English” even though they could explain U.S. traffic signs only in Spanish.

In the tense hearing, Dorgan accused Peters of being “arrogant” and in reckless disregard of a congressional vote to stop the Mexican trucking demonstration project by taking away funds to continue the project. Toward the end, the senator asked if it were true Mexican truckers could explain U.S. traffic signs only in Spanish when given English proficiency tests at the border.

Your federal government at work. And these are the same people the Democrats want to run our health care system.

Read the rest of the story at World Net Daily.

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  1. John Ryan says:

    Democrats like our government, Republicans hate our government.

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