Elliot “DL’s For Illegals” Spitzer Linked To Prositution Ring-Now With “Guess The Party!”

Were they illegal alien hookers he gave drivers licenses to?

Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning.

It appears that he was more of a client then a person who ran the ring. Of course, all he has to do is go on TV, cry, and ask forgiveness, and liberals will have no problem washing the stain away as if it never happened. Because, you know, it is “just sex.”

Update: From CNN

Gov. Eliot Spitzer said he “acted in way that violates his obligation to his family,” speaking hours after the New York Times reported he told senior administration officials he had been involved in a prostitution ring. (snip)

The Republican Governors Association has called on Spitzer to resign to “allow the people of New York to pursue honest leadership.”

Want to bet he won’t? It will be interesting to compare the outcome of this misadventure versus what happened with Larry Craig. 

The criminal complaint

Heh. Basil plays “Name That Party.” You can play too. In paragraph 15 of the Times article. CNN had his party affiliation in the second to last paragraph. Paragraph 9 at MSNBC. WCBS-TV doesn’t even mention the word “Democrat” at all, nor does the NY Daily News.

The Anchoress has video.

Stop The ACLU has a press roundup.

Lots more at Michelle Malkin’s.

Not finding many lefties who are asking Spritzher (yeah, I know how it is really spelled) to resign, either in posts or comments. Matter of fact, in a poll at Crooks and Liars, 53% say he should not resign, as of this time.

Over at Hot Air, we find that The Smartest Woman In The World has already scrubbed Spitzer from her website. Oh, he is also a Hillary superdelegate.

Evening Update: ABC News reports it wasn’t the sex (for $5k+, it better have been Earth shattering), but hinky money transfers, which initially led the FBI to believe they were bribes. ABC doesn’t mention Spitzers Party affiliation, either.

More: Good news. It’s Mrs. Spitzer’s fault, according to Democrat Taylor Marsh (love the Supergirl photo in the top right, BTW. Yes, I am a pig)

Fidelity is very important. But you can’t have it if two people aren’t transparent with one another. This includes when changes occur. In the modern era, if you’re not paying attention to what’s going on you will find yourself on the nasty end of a brutal human dynamic playing out. Some high powered men often like to act out this way. When every day life becomes too mundane and boring, or they out grow their spouse, but don’t want to divorce. Sometimes the woman chooses to put herself on a no sex shelf; stupid, but it happens. I’m not excusing it. I’m just saying it’s an element of the human drama.

Blame the victim.

More at Memeorandum.

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7 Responses to “Elliot “DL’s For Illegals” Spitzer Linked To Prositution Ring-Now With “Guess The Party!””

  1. […] Cove notes that you have to read 15 paragraphs in before you read that Spitzer is a Democrat in the NY Times article. Even deeper at […]

  2. boomer says:

    william, i absolutely agree with you. the looney liberals will make a big thing out of forgiving him and all of a sudden he will be a big hero. its like people who go through drug rehab who get big time praise and opportunities for rehabing themselves. meanwhile, the people who worked hard and stayed clear of drugs will not get any recognition for being smart enough to do well in life.

  3. John Ryan says:

    Forgive him ???

    What ?? Didn’t anybody else see her picture ??
    and well worth her 5K fee I live in NY and I would have NO PROBLEM if any of my taxes were given to her.

  4. You are correct Boomer. Cause, you know, it is just sex, which is OK when it is a Dem. Though, it is hard to tell what Party Spitzer is in, based on the news stories.

    John, if he was dumb enough to spend that much money on 1 hooker, he should be impeached. 😉

  5. Stacy says:

    Amazing. I didn’t think I could think any less of John, yet I do. Hmm.

  6. Ogre says:

    Holy crap. I should have known all along. Since it’s not Bush’s fault (okay, maybe it is), then it HAS to be someone else’s fault. Poor Mr. Spitty. Damn that woman of his! If she wouldn’t have married him, this would all be a-okay!

  7. Give him time to go lower, Stacy, I’m confident that he can.

    I’m sure the Left will find a way to blame Bush, somehow. Probably along the lines of this being a VRWC to smear liberal governors, and Rove will probably be involved, I’m sure.

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