Sticky Post: McCain McCarnival For 3/14!

We at McCain Blogs are going to host the first of hopefully many blog carnivals (or roundups, for those not familiar with strange blog lingo) on Friday. We are soliciting submissions in the roundup (”McCarnival”) from any and all bloggers who have pro-McCain posts who would like to be included.

Please go here to submit a link to a pro-McCain (or anti-Hillobama, if that’s what you want to submit) blog post, if you would like to be included:

Wednesday is the deadline for submissions, and the “McCarnival” will be posted at McCain Blogs on Friday. I will send an email to the McCain Yahoo group when it’s posted, and those of you who have trackback-enabled blogs (i.e. Blogger with Haloscan, WordPress, etc.) will know when it’s up when the trackback comes through to your post.

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