Spitzer’s Indiscretions Not Private, Per Gray Lady

The New York Times seems to be claiming that, unlike when Clinton was busted having sex (yes, it was legal) in the White House, followed by obstruction of justice and perjury charges, Spitzer’s indiscretions are not private

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer could not have been more wrong in his brief public appearance after the world learned that he was suspected of patronizing a prostitution ring. He did not just betray his family in a private matter. He betrayed the public, and it is hard to see how he will recover from this mess and go on to lead the reformist agenda on which he was elected to office.

Recover? Perhaps he should resign.

It is likely that every aspect of Mr. Spitzer’s other life as Client 9 for the Emperor’s Club V.I.P. — as he has been identified by law enforcement officials — every text message and other secretive communication will be made public. Any politician would have a full-time job just dealing with such revelations. There have been elected officials, over the years, who have survived scandals of this sort. But for Mr. Spitzer, who runs a large and complex state, the burden is especially heavy to show that he has not lost the credibility to push for change, a sound budget and good government, as he promised so confidently a year ago.

Does anyone here think the Times is pushing for this “private matter” to just go away, so that Spitzer can get on with being Governor?

Mr. Spitzer did not seem to understand on Monday what he owed the public — a strong argument for why he should be trusted again. The longer he hesitates, it becomes a harder case to make.

“Trusted again?” I can’t wait till NY residents are polled, asking if Spitzer should stay or go.

BTW, the word Democrat doesn’t appear in the editorial, either.

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4 Responses to “Spitzer’s Indiscretions Not Private, Per Gray Lady”

  1. […] The New York Times seems to be claiming that, unlike when Clinton was busted having sex (yes, it was legal) in the White House, followed by […]

  2. Ogre says:

    You can tell he’s going nowhere without being forced — since his non-apology where he admitted nothing. He’s planning on doing like Clinton, and just staying where he is no matter what.

  3. Gus says:

    Last year or the two before Spitzer probably could have gotten away with it. This is an election year. Any shot that can be fired at a Democrat by a Republican is going to find purchase. Maybe not by Time or much of the media, but there’ll be a nice storm because of it. I’m sure if Obama wanted to make a quick jab at it people would run with the idea of Spitzer not only being a man wh-ore but keeping the black man down. (Since his staying in office means the 4th black governor won’t become one.)

    So once he’s been ousted I’d like to know one thing: Who are clients 1-8?

  4. Ogre says:

    I’m pretty sure Bush is #1 (boy wouldn’t that bug liberals?)…

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