Global Warming As Religion

There is no doubt that environmentalism fulfils a political and indeed spiritual need among its adherents. The global warming narrative embraces a myth of the Fall; the loss of harmony between man and nature caused by our materialistic way of life. In reality this Eden never existed. It reminds me of one of my favourite cartoons of two cavemen talking “clean air, no pollution, unadulterated food… how come we don’t live over 30?” The apocalypse myth is equally familiar. ‘Our wickedness has damaged our inheritance and only immediate reform can save us’. For a long time environmentalists lacked the Apocalypse myth. The fear of acid rain came and went. But global warming fits the bill. This is why environmentalists attach so much importance to the assertion that the world is not just warming up, which is true at the moment, but that the warming is mainly our fault, which still should be a matter of debate. The connections between rising carbon dioxide concentrations and the growth of industrial society, provides a convenient link between the sins of our past and a catastrophic future. This narrative does not depend exclusively on factual accuracy.

Now as I have pointed out above, the solutions of wind power and cycling to work, etc. are insignificant, in practical terms, for heading off the predicted catastrophe. But this is why environmentalism is a religion. Every religion needs rituals of observance which demonstrate the commitment of the adherents. So the committed evangelicals, with time on their hands, sit on runways or on the roof of the Houses of Parliament or spend their Bank holidays outside power stations, while busy pop stars can buy carbon offsets. It’s a broad church.

So writes Brian Durrant, in an excellent article that explains the whole climate change movement’s history. And hypocrisy. Check it out.

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3 Responses to “Global Warming As Religion”

  1. Ogre says:

    Worse, Global Warming is the official religion of the United States — who isn’t supposed to HAVE a national religion!

  2. John Ryan says:

    Well certainly 2 conservative religions ARE making it part of their doctrine. Both the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholics are now onboard with global climate change. Some may say a bit late but I say welcome to all !!

    It is like the Rapture teach, DON”T GET LEFT BEHIND

  3. I wonder if we can sue over it, Ogre?

    John, do you believe that man is the primary, or sole cause of todays global warming, and, if so, why?

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